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I’m testing out some new stuff and I need your help.Do you have a schema that has a bunch of complex dependencies between objects such that it’s a real pain when you need to alter it – you have to figure out the dependencies, unhook them, make your change, and then wire everything back together? I so can you send me your schema and some of the painful changes you had to make? Using the Email Blog Author link send me the CREATE script for the starting schema along with the alters were a pain. I don’t have anything to offer you for your assistance other than the satisfaction that you helped out the SQL Server team. Thanks in advance!

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  1. satish garhwal says:

    hey dan ….

    currently m working on vb 2010 n i have a problem with database schema tht is when i connect my mdb file to my project then it connected but not shows complete schema so wats tht problem ………………plz help[ me………..

  2. Hi Satish, I recommend you post your question to the following forum:…/threads

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