Best Practice: Naming Constraints

Within SQL Server there are a number of different types of constraints: CHECK DEFAULT FOREIGN KEY PRIMARY KEY UNIQUE The reference for CREATE TABLE can be found here. Now what’s interesting about constraints is when creating a constraint the name is optional. If you don’t provide a name the system will provide one for you….


Developing Data-tier Applications Using Visual Studio 2010

Check out this rocking video of Sanjay Nagamangalam demoing the Data-tier Application functionality within Visual Studio 2010. Sanjay is a GPM on the SQL Server team. Sanjay has sessions at SQL PASS and PDC.


PDC Session on the Data-tier Application Component

Are you going to this year’s PDC? Are you still on the fence? There’s a very cool session @ PDC on the data-tier application component called “Simplifying Application Packaging and Deployment with SQL Server 2008 R2”. Yes, that’s probably one of the longest session titles ever. Omri Bahat, a PM on my team, recently sat…