Windows Live Writer Update

Back in July 2007 I started using Windows Live Writer as my exclusive blog writing tool. I’m not a heavy blogger but I do need a tool that’s easy to use and still helps me write more complicated postings when needed. I still LOVE Live Writer. It’s simple and intuitive. It doesn’t have a bunch of stupid features that get in the way of doing the mainstream stuff. My fear when I started using it was the team would muck it up over time by adding a bunch of useless features. Well that hasn’t happened. I just downloaded the latest beta. It’s great! They’ve stayed true to the usability of the app and have improved the usability of a few features. For example, there’s now edit, preview and sources tabs which allow you to switch between different views of your posting. You could do this in the older version but it was a little more cumbersome – you had to go up to the menu bar to select a view.

If you blog I encourage you to give Windows Live Writer a test drive. I’m glad I did.

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