The list of blogs run by the SQL Server product group keeps growing. Here I offer merely a snapshot in time of the current blogs. At the bottom there's also two links that list blogs by MS employees and SQL Server MVPs; these are not complete but offer a decent taste of what's available.


Microsoft SQL Server Team Blogs List:

· SQL Server Storage Engine Team blog:

· PSS SQL Server Engineers blog:

· SQL Server Security:

· SQL Server Express WebLog:

· The Data Platform Insider: Official insider news about Microsoft's Data Platform technologies:

· SQL Server Reporting Services Team Blog:

· Microsoft SQL ISV Program Management Team:

· SQL Server: Service Broker Team Blog:

· SQL Server Manageability Team Blog:

· Policy-Based Management Blog:

· PERFGURU: Technical Blogs on All Kinds of Performance Issues:

· Data Development:


· Astoria:



· PHP:

· EF Design:

· SQL Protocols:

· XML:

· Velocity:

· SQL Server Data Services (SSDS):

· Compact Edition team:

· Performance team:

· Query Processor team:

· Programmability & API Development team:

· CLR Integration team:

· Synchronizer:

· SSIS team:

· Samples Team:

· SQLCAT (SQL Server Development Customer Advisory Team) team:

· SQL China Team blog:

· SQL Japan Team blog:

Microsoft Employee SQL Server Blogs List:

Comments (3)

  1. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the updated list.  I will try to add some of the missing ones to the SQLblog Roller.  The only issue is that many of them seem to be dead.  For example, one of my personal favorites, the CLR Integration blog, hasn’t had a post since November 2006.  

    I hate to populate our Roller with a bunch of blogs that have zero activity; do you think some of these people will start posting again?  To date, I’ve been expiring blogs from the Roller after not seeing any activity for nine months.  

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