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In shameless self promotion the video of the talk I did on PowerShell and SQL Server has been posted to the web. I haven't watched this as I just can't bring myself to sit and watch myself for an hour but the session evaluations were pretty good. Therefore I think the odds are pretty good you'll get something out of this session, especially if you're new to PowerShell. A bunch of other talks have also been posted. Here's the landing page for the videos.

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  1. Marco Shaw says:

    As a "PowerShell" MVP, I love your Advanced PowerShell session covering the SQL specifics.

    Thanks for doing this and posting it after!

    *Microsoft MVP – Windows Server – Admin Frameworks

    *PowerShell Co-Community Director –

    *Blog –

  2. Thanks Marco. And congratulations on your MVP status for PowerShell! Nice work!

  3. Marco Shaw says:

    You know, I think I’m going to start a project on to create a snap-in for PowerShell cmdlets specific to SQL Server (using SMO).

    I’d love to get your feedback.  Your TechEd talk mentioned something like new-database/new-table, and start-backup.  Those are good ones to start with…

    Feel free to email me directly: anytime.  I’d actually like to talk to the SQL MVPs about this also, if I can find a contact.

  4. Create Table and Backup Database are two great ones given the way they’re modeled in SMO. Start Job (SQL Server Agent) might be another one that’s interesting. The start-job could also take a parameter for which step to start at – similar to the way the GUI works. rebuild-index could also be interesting. A cmdlet for DBMail (send mail) would also be cool.

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