The New SQL Server Branding

When it comes to branding and images I'm incredibly critical. IMHO or is that IMCO (In My Critical Opinion) the new SQL Server Branding is fantastic. It is much better than the orange blocks found in the SQL2K5 branding - yuck! My understanding is it's still being refined a tad here and there and final images will be made available when we RTM - which I'm told I can say we're still on track for Q3 2008. Rock on!


SQL Server 2008 desktop background - light version - full screen 

SQL Server 2008 desktop background - dark version - full screen

Comments (8)

  1. SQL Server 2008 получит новый логотип. Это лучше видеть, чем описывать: Данные отсюда:

  2. Dave says:

    You couldn’t give us a bigger (say, 1200×900 or 1440×1024) version of the black version could you?


  3. Nikolayp says:

    Yep 🙂 It’s pretty nice. I suppose it’s done with Microsoft Expression Design :))

  4. When we’re closer to RTM we’ll make them all avaiable for download. I’m sure at that point we’ll post all different sizes.

  5. raducristian says:

    Both look nice indeed… but I would choose the latter because:

    – the white curved lines are more visible and the whole effect is much visible;

    – the life of my screen will be longer and also the computer will consume less energy (think on how many SQL Developers and DBAs are around the world and how much energy could be saved).

  6. bmckinney says:

    I love that they’re using hierarchical triangular mesh graphics to highlight the fact that they’ve added spatial data capabilities. It’s probably the first time the graphics have had anything at all to do with something the product can be used for.

  7. nlalsett says:

    Any chance of there being a background with the nebula/starburst/globe image from the campaign?  High-res, if possible.  🙂

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