The Bleeding Edge

Every once in a while someone reminds that we on the SQL Server development team are truly on the bleeding edge. I don't always feel it and I more often than not forget it. But it's true. I bring this up because I'm pretty much done with Katmai, aside from a few bug fixes here and there, and will soon start to roll on to the "next" thing. Katmai, e'hm, SQL Server 2008 isn't yet in the hands of customers (as an RTM product) and I'm going to roll on to the "next" thing. That's a very sobering statement.

Personally SQL2K8 was an absolutely amazing release. I worked with an incredible team that delivered a game changing feature, Policy-Based Management. I think it's safe to say that this is merely the beginning for this technology and that we have a lot more in store.

What's interesting is my natural tendency is to start talking, scratch that, blogging about the "next" thing. But that doesn't serve you, the reader, very well. There is so much customer value in SQL2K8 and so much to blog about. It's hard to believe the early debate was if SQL2K8 deserved a major release designation or not. Now that sounds like a crazy question.

I think the best part of SQL2K8, at least from the DB Engine perspective, is that many of the incredibly valuable features (TDE, CDC, Auditing, PBM, Data Collector, data compression, back-up compression, and Resource Governor) can be used without a single change to your application. That means as soon as you upgrade your data tier to SQL2K8 you can start reaping the value of these features. How great is that?

I guess this means that as I'm on bleeding edge of SQL Server development, SQL2K8 makes it easier and safer for you to be on the bleeding edge of SQL Server in the data center.

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