Getting Started with PowerShell

The February CTP for SQL2K8 included first class support for PowerShell. Many people have ask how they can get started with PowerShell - not just using PowerShell to interact with SQL Server but just using PowerShell in general. PowerShell was a wealth of powerful features built-in. Here are a few PowerShell resources to get you started. In short, it's time to throw out those VBS scripts and move to the powerful world of PowerShell. After all, they it wouldn't have "power" in the name if it wasn't "powerful"!

Main PowerShell page:


Getting Started Guide:


Channel 9 PowerShell Wiki:


On Demand Web Cast (Windows PowerShell and Manageability Improvements in Windows Server 2008):

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  1. Kevin Kline says:

    Kevin gives a run-down of the dozens of SQL Server topics (and other topics) he’s been trying to stay on top of.

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