IntelliSense & Debugger Support

A question came up at the launch event: will T-SQL Intellisense and the T-SQL Debugger support SQL2K5 and/or SQL2K. The situation involves connecting to these server versions from Management Studio 2008. The answer is no, in order to enjoy IntelliSense and the Debugger you have to be connected to a SQL Server 2008 Server.

Comments (4)

  1. Mladen says:

    so why can i connect to the SS 2k5 with SSMS 2k8 ctp6 and have normal intellisense?

    or do you mean both debuger and intellisense?

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  3. From SSMS2K8 you can connect to SQL2K5 and SQL2K, however Intellisense will not work. Neither will the Debugger. Both of these features are dependent upon work done on the DB Engine side. That work will not be back-ported to SQL2K nor SQL2K5.

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