SQL Server 2008 Launch T -5 Days

It's hard to believe the SQL Server 2008 launch is in just a few days. I'm doing the demos for the Manageability session. This has been somewhat of a stressful exercise. Despite everyone thinking this is a point release I'm really struggling with getting everything packed into a 60 minute session. We could easily spend a day on the manageability enhancements. But, some how, some way I'll figure out how to pack it all in. Ok, maybe not everything, but there will be a lot.

The best part about the demo is there are a few things I'm hoping to demo which we haven't publically talked about. We weren't sure we'd be able to get them into the release so we wanted to remain hush hush. If everything goes well with my virtual machines and the interim product builds there are some real gems that will be shared for the first time @ "the launch" - as we've come to call it internally.

If you're at the launch event in LA come hunt me down (so to speak) and say "Yo!"

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