Where Did The Surface Area Configuration Tool Go?

In CTP5 we removed the Surface Area Configuration Tool (SACT). The main use of the tool is to enable remote connections for the Database Engine. To enable remote connections this sans SACT do the following:

  1. Launch SQL Server Configuration Manager
  2. Expand the "SQL Server Network Configuration" node
  3. Select the instance you want to configure (i.e. "Protocols for MSSQLSERVER")
  4. On the right-hand side right-click "TCP/IP" and select "Enable"
  5. Click "OK" on the pop-up that states you need to restart the service for changes to take effect.
  6. Click on "SQL Server Services"
  7. Find the service "SQL Server (<your instance>)", right-click and select "Restart"

The other DB Engine features that are configurable from SACT can be configured using sp_configure (look this up in Books Online for more information). Several of the features can also be monitored and configured using the Policy Management feature.

For Analysis Services, launch Management Studio, connect Object Explorer to your AS instance, right-click on the server and select "Properties". You'll find all of the feature configuration here.

For Reporting Services, some of the configuration is available from Management Studio. Other configuration options are only available in the RS configuration file.

In CTP5 there is no command line support for these configurations.

This is strictly an interim state and support across the board will improve in the next CTP.

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