Built-in Reports in Management Studio

Did you know that Management Studio (SSMS) has a rich set of built-in reports? Furthermore, did you know you can author your own reports that will run inside SSMS? Buck Woody is starting a blog series on the reports in SSMS. These reports are designed to provide rich information - far richer than you got in Task Pad (in Enterprise Manager). There is a small performance cost to run the report. If you find a report doesn't contain all of the information you need or contains more information than you need you can build your own report. For more information on building your own report for SSMS check out this Books Online topic. If you want to use one of our built-in reports as a starting point you can download the report definitions here. If you've built an interesting and useful repot feel free to share it with others.

One thing to remember about running reports from other sources: reports embed T-SQL. When the report runs the T-SQL runs under your context. You should always review the T-SQL inside the report before running it.

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