DMF for your Car

@ Tech Ed this year I opened my session talking about how cars have evolved. The analogy is as we don't tinker with our cars anymore the same is going to have to managing data environments - and DMF is part of the initial wave that'll make this happen. In this week's Weekly Roundup of Database News from SQL Server Central there's a link to an article about smarter cars. This makes me think that at some point we're going to have policies governing our cars - when your son or daughter "logs in" it'll apply the policies applicable to them. For example, you could prevent them from going to certain parts of town or driving over a certain speed for more than a specific amount of time. Maybe there's a limit to the number of people they can have in the car at any one time. Lots of good stuff that I'm far more interested as parent than I'd be if I was a teen driver.

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