Is a Newspaper Cool?

I've posted before about my never ending dislike for the horrific MS Office dinosaur ads. One of the best things about the release of Office 2007 will be the dinosaurs will finally be laid to rest – at least I hope they will. Now I must move on to my next beef with MS ads – Windows Server 2003. The campaign has been around for a while but I guess I was too fuming about the dinosaurs to really notice it. I'm talking about "The Highly Reliable Times". If we read any of the IT rags (Info Week, eWeek, etc) you're bound to come across it. What's that, you haven't seen it? Oh come on, it's in there, but you probably paged right past it. Is there anything cool about a mock-up of a newspaper? For that matter is there anything cool about a newspaper? Don't get me wrong, the graphics of the ad make it look like it's a real newspaper – but how 1990 is that? I'm sure if I saw our ad budget my jaw would hit the floor, twice. I guess I'll have to wait for Longhorn server to ship before I can move on to my next ad beef!

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