Declarative Management is Out!

Yes, the title is correct, Declarative Management (DMF) is gone! Did I get your attention? Maybe I should elaborate. About 7 months ago we embarked on a naming project for DMF. We knew that DMF was a little too geeky and didn’t necessarily describe the feature in an intuitive and meaningful way. Tehcnically the name is…


Buck’s Puzzle of the Month – with a prize

Think you know SQL Server pretty well? Well test your knowledge with Buck’s quiz of the month. He’s even giving away a nice prize.


Using the Right Tool

Simon’s (a SQL Server MVP) recent blog post prompted me to write this posting. Simon raises the issue that many of the items submitted to MS Connect aren’t really bugs but are rather requests for help. These requests would be better served if they were posted to the SQL Server forum on MSDN. I couldn’t…


Where Did The Surface Area Configuration Tool Go?

In CTP5 we removed the Surface Area Configuration Tool (SACT). The main use of the tool is to enable remote connections for the Database Engine. To enable remote connections this sans SACT do the following: Launch SQL Server Configuration Manager Expand the “SQL Server Network Configuration” node Select the instance you want to configure (i.e. “Protocols for MSSQLSERVER”)…


VS 2005 Support for SQL2K8 – CTP

The Visual Studio team has just released a CTP for Visual Studio 2005 which adds support for SQL Server 2008. You can download the VS CTP here. Here’s some addition information from the download page: This CTP resolves a problem that when you try to open a database connection to SQL Server 2008 by using…


DMF: What’s New In The November CTP

Now that the November CTP is released let’s take a look at the new capabilities in DMF. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the Policy dialog received a facelift. We spent some focused time on the GUI to fine tune it and make it more user friendly. The layout is greatly improved with labels…


SQL2K8 November CTP

The latest SQL2K8 CTP is finally available. Download it here. This CTP contains a ton of work. Here’s the not so brief list of areas. You can read the details in the “What’s new” doc for the November CTP. Data Collection and Performance Warehouse for Relational Engine Service Broker Enhancements Registered Servers Enhancements Synchronous net-changes…


1.5M DB Servers Have No Firewall

I saw this article this morning and my jaw hit the ground. The gist of it is David Litchfield, managing director or NGSSoftware, has concluded there are roughly 1.5M database servers accessible from the Internet with no firewall. Furthermore a great number of these are un-patched. This is scary stuff. I don’t get overly concerned…


Built-in Reports in Management Studio

Did you know that Management Studio (SSMS) has a rich set of built-in reports? Furthermore, did you know you can author your own reports that will run inside SSMS? Buck Woody is starting a blog series on the reports in SSMS. These reports are designed to provide rich information – far richer than you got…