Goodbye Steve

I was a fan of the show the Crocodile Hunter and more so of Steve Irwin – if you can really separate the two. I've long admired Steve for following his passion for conservationism and not letting life get in the way. I suppose it's somewhat poetic to die doing what you love most. For Steve this is certainly better than dying in a car accident. I will miss his animated presence on camera – he passion came through loud and clear. You could tell he loved his job – if you can really call it a job. For him it was more than a job but his calling.

Those of us in the software business or in IT face little danger in our day to day work. Although I've come across an end user or two that caused me to fear for my life! Seriously, those of us who are lucky enough to mix our passion with our profession will understand this is the way Steve would have wanted to go, albeit much too early. Peace.

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  1. hptester says:

    He was awsome!! The world will be a little less adventurous without him. He was in a class of his own.

    Goodbye Steve!!

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