SQL2K5 SP1 Is Now Available

SP1 has been released!  The release includes Management Studio Express, Express Edition with Advanced Services (Full-text Search and Reporting Services) and Express Edition Toolkit (necessary for building reports for Express Edition with Advanced Services).

You can search http://download.microsoft.com or use the links below.

SP1 Readme


Express Edition
 (Note: this is the full download of Express @ the SP1 level. If you want to patch Express, download just SP1)

Express Edition with Advanced Services

Management Studio Express

Express Edition Toolkit


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  1. Don’t let the title of his post

    fool you, it is available.

    << Currently Playing : A Spoonful…

  2. This is quite the service pack….

    Database Mirroring is now supported in production, the extra feedback…

  3. The first Service Pack for SQL Server 2005 has just been released and this includes support for database…

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