Bye-bye beta, bye-bye… That was all she wrote…,2180,1938275,00.asp

This is absolutely awesome. As someone who loves customer feedback, the CTP process rocks! It requires us to keep the quality of main extremely high. It provides a rapid feedback loop so we, the product team, can actually respond to customer feedback. And finally, it gives customers an opportunity to see in near real-time the product evolve and to prepare for it's release. This should allow customers to upgrade much sooner than under the previou model.

From my perspective these are a few of the benefits of the CTP model. Let me know what you think.


BTW the title of this posting is a play on the song by a band called Firehouse. A $1.00 goes to the person who can name the song. No cheating...

Comments (5)

  1. steven says:

    The song was "All she wrote"

    "Bye bye baby, bye bye….", She said in her letter

    -And that was all she wrote

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    I like Firehouse, but there is already an answer…or I might ask you to send a check to China RD centre 😀

  3. Steven got it! Sweet! I am a bit troubled with the fact that he posted @ 2:03 AM. Let me know where to send the $1.

  4. steven says:

    2:03 AM was 8:03 AM here (different time zone). Sending $1 to The Netherlands would be surreal. Just increase your next charitable donation by $1 :))

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