When [more] is More

This isn’t related to SQL Server, but it’s really cool – IMHO. Out on www.live.com they removed the “>>” that used to launch the link in a new browser window (which I really like) and replaced it with a [more] “link”. I was totally skeptical of this change. But man, this rocks. Clicking on this link loads the content in a little pop-up window (not a new browser window) that scrolls. It allows you to read the entire posting without leaving your home page. In addition the pop-up window has options for going to the full story, sending the link to the story via email, and blogging it. If you click “Read full story” it opens the story in a new browser window – awesome. If you click “Blog this” it opens a new browser window and takes you to your MSN Space.  And selecting to email the link does what you’d expect – launches a new email in your default email client and puts a link to the story in the body of the email.


I’ve always felt that we had lots of really cool stuff that never saw the light of day – or when it finally did it was a total yawn – it would’ve been cool had it gone out right away. It’s fantastic to see this cutting edge work going “live” right away. This type of stuff will restore some of the buzz that Microsoft deserves.


To the Windows Live team – keep up the good work!

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