Custom Reports in SQL Server 2005 SP2

We introduced a cool new feature in SP2 of SQL Server 2005 that lets users access their own reports from within Management Studio. This adds tremendous value to the environment letting users create custom views. People have started using this feature (using the SP2 CTP). Check out Simon’s blog for a few pointers. To read…


There’s more To Measuring Security than the Number of Vulnerabilities…

Is there really more to measuring security than the number of vulnerabilities? That’s what Oracle and some analysts would like you to believe. Don’t believe me? Read this: Do the number of use-cases (or scenarios), the number of platforms, and the number of versions that are supported really matter when it comes to security?…


Oracle Security Once Again in the Spotlight

I’ve posted several times about Oracle and its effort to produce a more secure database product. Today I received a couple of emails on this very topic. First is this one: There are two points from the paper that I particularly like: Do Oracle’s results look so bad because it runs on multiple platforms?…


Improving SQL Server Books Online

Check out Simon’s blog about Books Online. SQL Server Books Online (BOL) is a treasure of information. But it isn’t always correct or complete. You can help fix this. Your BOL feedback is reviewed by the SQL Server technical writing staff and incorporated into the next release of BOL which happens quarterly. So help out…


Naming Conventions

This article on naming conventions – – provides excellent best practice for naming database objects. Do you (or your company) have a set of naming standards that you follow? If so, I’d love it if you could share them.


SQLServer 2005 SP2 CTP

SQL Server 2005 SP2 CTP is here! You can find out the details here: I’m super excited about this SP – I know I know you’re thinking this guy needs to get out more often if an SP gets him excited. When you see all the improvements we made in SP2 I’m sure you’ll…


Goodbye Steve

I was a fan of the show the Crocodile Hunter and more so of Steve Irwin – if you can really separate the two. I’ve long admired Steve for following his passion for conservationism and not letting life get in the way. I suppose it’s somewhat poetic to die doing what you love most. For…


Fun with Oracle

This is a fun and fast read:


SQL Server Management Studio Startup Time

Note: This posting only applies to Management Studio 2005. We have corrected the behavior for Management Studio 2008 thus there is no special configuration necessary.  One of my co-workers recently responded to a problem a user was having with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). The user was experiencing extremely slow startup of SSMS – a couple of…


Introducing Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals

Two things I’ve always admired about Microsoft products are product integration and development tools. Microsoft isn’t a company to stand still and with that a new set of database development tools has been released as a CTP. Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals. This is an exciting new product that will bring many of…