Where to go next…

I've been meaning to post for some time, however, I've really been struggling with where to go next. I'm sitting in a transition between Setup/Upgrade and Manageability. I have a bunch of setup knowledge I could share, including some topics like:

  • What the heck is MSSQL.1, MSSQL.2, etc?
  • What are all those groups that SQL creates at install time?
  • Why do I need to supply domain groups when I install SQL on a cluster?
  • What is the architecture of SQL Server setup (why are there so many MSIs)?
  • How do I do silent installations?
  • How do I troubleshoot a failed install?

Those are some of the setup related topics I could explore. But I'm also starting to dive pretty deep into the world of manageability. I know some people absolutely love Management Studio and others really miss Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer. I could talk about this some more. Also, we're going into some interesting areas that I could start to discuss: extensibility and declarative management to name a couple. What about Business Intelligence Development Studio, do people want to hear more about that?

Let me know if any of the areas above interest you and I'll consider writing on it. Also, if there are topics in either setup or manageability that I didn't mention, but you'd like to hear more about let me know. My feeling is this blog is for you and I want to spend my precious time writing about stuff you care about.



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