Cross-Domain Communication Using Domain Lowering

More than a few blog posts ago I stated my intent to publish a series of articles on cross-domain communication techniques.  More time has passed than I had intended, but at last here is the start of that series of articles.  The series will explore progressively more advanced cross-domain techniques as well as their strengths and…


MSN’s The Podium 08 – Built On Silverlight

MSN just launched The Podium ’08 as part of their 2008 US Presidential election coverage.  The Podium ’08 brings together data on presidential candidates for voters and election followers to explore by topic and compare candidates head to head on specific issues. What’s interesting about The Podium is that the content is not canned editorial material.  When you…


Windows Live SkyDrive

Windows Live SkyDrive (formerly known as Folders) is now in beta, enabling end users to store arbitrary data on the web under password access control.  Files can be accessed over http(s) from web pages and from stand-alone client applications (thanks to the http file handler add-on in XPSP2).  Files can be private to your Windows…


LinkedIn to Add an API?

Dan Farber writes that LinkedIn’s Chairman, Reid Hoffman, has commented that he plans to roll out developer APIs to access the LinkedIn contacts database.  Great news! The downside:  It won’t be ready until 2008.  Bummer.  How much further will the other social networks have outpaced LinkedIn by then?


Undisclosed Browser Technology

When people ask what I worked on at Google and I answer “undisclosed browser technology”, I think some folks think I’m just being coy or obnoxious.  The truth is, I’m required to say that publicly and privately until Google publicly announces the technology or its derivatives. Well, that day has finally come.  Yesterday Google announced the…


Microsoft Surface

You’ve got to see it to believe it: Mmmm-mmm good. It may be time soon to dust off those great old Avalon Hill board games and look at implementing them on this table – without the thousands of chit markers.  Twilight Imperium, anyone?  Or perhaps Settlers of Cataan?


HTML Namespace Attributes and IE document.namespaces

A few posts ago I promised to elaborate on a little gotcha that bit us in the butt while prepping the “blocks” to enable Popfly apps to use the Windows Live Contacts web control and Windows Live Spaces web control .  Here it is:  IE has a handy document.namespaces object that reflects the namespaces defined…


More: Avoiding Popup Windows in Your Web Apps

Scott Isaacs shares some additional “best practices” points on dealing with popup windows and popup blockers: Always program very defensively… Always try catch any calls to and if you are retaining a reference to the window (e.g., var w =…)), always make sure the “w” is a valid object (and again try…


Popfly: Mashups Made Easy

Today John Montgomery’s NPT team launched Microsoft Popfly, a web-based development environment for building web applications with little or no code.  John shares some background and history on his blog, but what you really ought to see first is the Popfly video on the Overview page.  Seeing is believing! This project has been around for awhile, but…


My Content, My Tags

Tagging online content with categories or keywords is a great idea.  I love GMail’s use of labels instead of folders.  I tag all my Flickr photos six ways to Sunday.  What I’m not so excited about are sites that encourage others to put public tags on my stuff.  Who are these people?  And no, stupid, that…