MIX07 UK Podcast with Craig Murphy

I sat down with Craig Murphy to chat about Windows Live and life in general at MIX07 UK.  Craig has just posted a podcast of that conversation.  I’ve known Craig for many years through the Delphi community.  I think we first met in person in 2001 at “The Delphi Conference” run by the Borland User Group UK.  Aha! Found a…


Windows Live Web Controls Mix07 Video

In the better late than never department, a video interview with Koji and me from the week prior to MIX07 is now posted on Channel 9:  https://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=317385 Yay!  Thanks Catherine for pushing it on through.


MIX07 Speaker Interviews on Channel 9

Video interviews of many of the MIX07 speakers are posted up on Channel 9.  I think most of these were filmed before MIX and released during the event.  Koji and I were interviewed by Catherine Heller here.

MIX07: POST/GET/PUT/DELETE Your Way To Windows Live Data

Martin Heller posted an article on Infoworld, “Data Wants To Be Free,” about the Windows Live Data “secret session” at MIX07.  The Windows Live Data service (probably not its final name) enables a deeper level of integration and data access than the devlive web controls, but still maintains user control over access to user data.  The Windows…


MIX07: Extending the Browser Programming Model with Silverlight

Silverlight implements isolated local storage on the client.  Currently in the Alpha, the storage is limited to 1MB per web application and is keyed to the full URL of the XAML/HTML page.  That means for this alpha release, two pages that are part of the same application served from the same domain will have separate isolated…


MIX07: Bat Signals and Five Minute Field Ops Centers

  I apologize for cutting short my live/raw soundbyte blog post on the MIX07 keynote yesterday.  I was literally called out of the keynote (audience) to fix an issue caused by a server update-in-progress back at the office. IM’s went out to the team at MIX (the “bat signal” reference) to convene in Koji’s hotel room, pronto. …


MIX07: Silverlight Supports Dynamic Languages (Iron Ruby, Iron Python, JavaScript)

Josh Holmes has a great summary of the Ray Ozzie / Scott Guthrie keynote yesterday.  Towards the end of his post, Josh notes with shock & awe that Silverlight not only includes a .NET CLR execution environment, but also the Dynamic Language Runtime as well.  Yes, it’s true!  You can write apps for Silverlight using…

MIX07 and Silverlight in Technorati Top 10

Chris Woodill noticed that the MIX07 event and Silverlight announcements are creating ripples in the blogsphere.  MIX07 and Silverlight are in the top 10 searches on Technorati!   MIX07

MIX07: Windows Live Platform Beta

Live & raw notes from Brian Arbogast’s keynote:  (watch the video) “Today we are announcing the Windows Live Platform Beta” Simple and consistent terms of use across the Windows Live service spectrum Predictable costs at scale – so that you can plan your business growth with high degree of predictability Windows Live Web Services evolving…


MIX07: Social Mixing

I bumped into Anders Hejlsberg in the speaker’s lounge this afternoon just before my 4:30 presentation.  He was at Mix to talk about LINQ, and probably on hand to provide Silverlight air cover.  He asked how things were going now that I had a full year under my belt at Microsoft.  My reply was to…