MIX07 UK Podcast with Craig Murphy

I sat down with Craig Murphy to chat about Windows Live and life in general at MIX07 UK.  Craig has just posted a podcast of that conversation.  I’ve known Craig for many years through the Delphi community.  I think we first met in person in 2001 at “The Delphi Conference” run by the Borland User Group UK.  Aha! Found a…


MIX07 UK Blogging

The title of honorary MIX07 UK stenographer goes to Sebastien Lambla (aka SerialSeb)for transcribing nearly word for word just about every session he attended this week, in realtime!  Check out the detail in his notes on “Building Next Generation Web Applications using Windows Live Services”, for example.  He has half a dozen more posts on…


PodCast Interview on LiveSide.Net

Angus and I had a chat with the guys from LiveSide.Net during the MIX07 UK conference this week.  Check it out!


Blogging at ReMix07 London

I’m sitting next to Angus in the back row of the ReMix07 London keynote.  Angus is blogging in Windows Live Writer, and the guy on the other side of him is blogging in Windows Live Writer.  Everyone loves a parade, so here I am blogging in Windows Live Writer, too.  It’s times like these when I wish I…


Where Have We Heard That Before?

Yesterday the Seattle Times ran an article about Penny Arcade and the overnight success of the Penny Arcade Expo.  I had to laugh a little when the article used the words “imploded” and “E3” in the same sentence.  I used pretty much the same pairing of words back in my January 2007 Events Calendar post. The…


Windows Live Web Controls Mix07 Video

In the better late than never department, a video interview with Koji and me from the week prior to MIX07 is now posted on Channel 9:  https://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=317385 Yay!  Thanks Catherine for pushing it on through.


Maker Faire

Photos from this weekend’s Maker Faire  Part carnival, part science fair, part flea market, part performance art.  It was funky, kooky, often corny, occasionally silly, and universally fun.  The only thing I can think of that would be more fun than going to Maker Faire next year would be to be an exhibitor!  Exhibiting something molten,…


See Popfly at MakerFaire: May 19-20 San Mateo Fairgrounds

Hey, whadayaknow:  John and the Popfly team will be at the O’Reilly Maker Faire this weekend in San Mateo.  As a hard core tinkerer myself (don’t ask what’s in my garage, ask what’s not!), I’ve been following Make: magazine since discovering it last summer.  It seems likely that Maker Faire will take a seat of…


MIX07 Speaker Interviews on Channel 9

Video interviews of many of the MIX07 speakers are posted up on Channel 9.  I think most of these were filmed before MIX and released during the event.  Koji and I were interviewed by Catherine Heller here.


MIX07: POST/GET/PUT/DELETE Your Way To Windows Live Data

Martin Heller posted an article on Infoworld, “Data Wants To Be Free,” about the Windows Live Data “secret session” at MIX07.  The Windows Live Data service (probably not its final name) enables a deeper level of integration and data access than the devlive web controls, but still maintains user control over access to user data.  The Windows…