Namespaces in HTML: Too much trouble to bother with

If you’ve been following the progress of the Windows Live Contacts Control since its launch this past summer, you may recall that in the second beta release we shifted from a programmatic constructor call style of instantiating the control on the web page to a declarative html element with attributes style.  On page load, our…


Windows Live Contacts Control Write API

We’ve rolled out another release of the Windows Live Contacts Control today, this time adding a write API that enables host web pages to programmatically add and delete contacts with the end user’s approval.  Earlier releases of the contacts control were strictly read-only; the host page could only receive the contact data that the user…


TechEd Barcelona Wrap-up

I figured out why I hadn’t been able to find Nikhil in the speakers lounge to chat about client-side web app bits – he wasn’t in Barcelona!  He had to cancel due to illness (he’s much better now).  Jeff Prosise graciously offered to cover Nikhil’s TechEd talks. After the conference day was done, the Dutch contingent…


TechEd TechEd TechEd

Ok, so I’m running out of clever headlines. Nikhil Kothari’s AJAX scripting talk was filled to the brim, so I headed over to Steve Teixeira’s C++ roadmap session.  In transit, I crossed paths with the three Dutch amigos (who took me trekking across downtown Barcelona last night in search of beer and dinner) who were also headed…


Talking Heads on TechEd VirtualSide

Paul Foster pulled me aside yesterday to say a few words about Windows Live for the VirtualSide video series that is following the events here at TechEd Europe.  Talking heads here: Dinner last night was with Steve Teixeira and a few C++ MVPs.  Since none of us spoke Spanish, ordering from the menu was…


Why More Websites Don’t Support Opera

Two words:  No debugger. Part of our charter here in the Windows Live team is to support as many browsers as practical.  I’d received reports that our Windows Live Contacts control doesn’t do much in an Opera browser, so in the calm following the signing off our most recent “sprint” I indulged in a diversion to trek off…


Windows Live At TechEd Europe

  I’ll be speaking at the Microsoft TechEd: Developer conference in Barcelona Nov 7-10 about Windows Live and the client-side webapp infrastructure and APIs that we’re building.  I’ll do two sessions, DEV210 on the Windows Live platform in general with specific focus on opportunities for developers, and DEV233 which is a deep-dive into the APIs that…


Windows Live Contacts Control Beta 0.2 Released

Our next iteration on the contacts control (nee gadget) is now live and ready for you to experiment with! The snapshot of the contacts control in the online documentation is a static image. The one below is not!  This a live (as in real) contacts control sitting in an iframe on this blog page. Go head, click on it.  Login…


Heads Up – Breaking Changes Ahead

We’re on track for an end-of-month release of the next iteration of the Windows Live Contacts control.  The September rev will include quite a bit of UI polish and bug fixing, as well as a significant internal reorg to put the code base on a smooth path for long-term versioning and maintainability.  Essentially, we’re evolving…


Windows Live Contacts, the Video on Channel9

Media mogul Ken Levy and I did a little video chat about the contacts gadget a few days ago.  It’s now available on Channel9.  Woohoo!