MIX07 UK Podcast with Craig Murphy

I sat down with Craig Murphy to chat about Windows Live and life in general at MIX07 UK.  Craig has just posted a podcast of that conversation. 

I've known Craig for many years through the Delphi community.  I think we first met in person in 2001 at "The Delphi Conference" run by the Borland User Group UK.  Aha! Found a photo.  Craig got his start as one of the pillars of the Delphi developer community - particularly at the Scottish end of the isles. Today he provides much the same community organizing and informing service over a much broader swath of tech topics as a Microsoft MVP.

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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    BTW, if you log into facebook and then view that photo, facebook will show you the annotations that identify most of the folks in that photo.  Thanks to Craig for helping identify many of the locals I had lost track of!

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