Custom Colors in the Windows Live Web Controls

The Windows Live Web Controls now support custom colors!  The Windows Live Contacts web control and Windows Live Spaces web control now accept additional parameters to specify the text and background colors of the inner and outer regions of the controls so that you can “skin” the controls to more naturally blend in with your…


T-Mobile Rolls Out WiFi Cell Support

At last!  T-Mobile has rolled out their long-awaited HotSpot @Home service nationwide.  This enables you to make and receive cellphone calls over WiFi networks when in range of a WiFi access point and seamlessly transfer calls between WiFi and cellular networks.  The service also includes WiFi access through thousands of T-Mobile HotSpots at cafes and public places across the…


ZeroGravity: Casual Gaming in Silverlight

Looks like the folks at terralever are going full-bore on Silverlight:  They’ve implemented a delightfully addictive puzzle game called ZeroGravity using the Silverlight 1.1 Alpha runtime. Check it out! It’ll be interesting to see how long before my #5 high score (9997) rolls out of the top ten.  via Tim Heuer

LinkedIn to Add an API?

Dan Farber writes that LinkedIn’s Chairman, Reid Hoffman, has commented that he plans to roll out developer APIs to access the LinkedIn contacts database.  Great news! The downside:  It won’t be ready until 2008.  Bummer.  How much further will the other social networks have outpaced LinkedIn by then?

Secure Cross-Domain Communication: The Architecture Journal

The June issue (Journal 12) of The Architecture Journal focuses on web architecture.  I was delighted to be invited to contribute, and wrote “Secure Cross-Domain Communication in the Browser” for this issue.  In the article I describe a somewhat bizarre technique we use in the Windows Live Contacts web control and Windows Live Spaces web control to move data from HTML…


Windows Live Web Controls Mix07 Video

In the better late than never department, a video interview with Koji and me from the week prior to MIX07 is now posted on Channel 9: Yay!  Thanks Catherine for pushing it on through.


New Domains for Windows Live Web Controls

Our little web controls are growing up so fast! We’ve migrated the Windows Live Contacts web control and Windows Live Spaces web control to new servers in the Microsoft datacenters and a new domain name:  The web controls will continue to work on the old domain name ( during the beta period for existing apps, but…