See Popfly at MakerFaire: May 19-20 San Mateo Fairgrounds

Hey, whadayaknow:  John and the Popfly team will be at the O'Reilly Maker Faire this weekend in San Mateo. 

As a hard core tinkerer myself (don't ask what's in my garage, ask what's not!), I've been following Make: magazine since discovering it last summer.  It seems likely that Maker Faire will take a seat of honor on my short list of must-go annual events

Since I'll be there anyway (got my tickets in February!), I'll be sure to drop by the Coding4Fun booth to see what sort of heckling can be done.  (I've been in several conf calls with John Montgomery and others on his team, but we've never met in person so I don't think they'll spot me in the crowd.  heh, heh)

Hey, Bathsheeba Grossman will be at Maker Faire, too!  Awesome!  She does some amazing things with topological models and direct metal deposition rapid prototyping systems.  I'm a bit of a nut for additive rapid prototyping fabrication (additive process = constructing solid shapes by building up raw material, as opposed to subtractive processes such as milling).

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