Blogging in my own session

Live blogging during our 30 Minute Social Application.  I’m not in the audience, I’m presenting the session! Watch the video of this session

MIX07 Keynote: Silverlight With Cross-Platform .NET Runtime

Soundbyte streams from the MIX07 keynote, live and raw:  Ray Ozzie on platforms, emergence of rich web apps doesn’t mean stand-alone client apps are going away.  Some apps are best viewed as services with client component, other apps are best viewed as client apps with server components. Shrink wrap isn’t going away, but is likely…


Windows Live Spaces Control Launched

I’m pleased to announce the availability of a new client-side web control for accessing Windows Live services:  The Windows Live Spaces control!  This control enables web visitors to use photos stored in their Windows Live Spaces photo albums with third party web applications.  It’s a “photo picker” – the control is not for displaying photos on…


Print Labels With the Windows Live Contacts Control

I was installing a new label printer at home a little while ago and noticed mention of a developer SDK in the readme docs. (Yes, some people actually read the readme) I know from experience that getting text to land right side up on a target as small as an address label can be a pain in the neck using good…