Woohoo!  Parallel Linq!

eWeek has an article talking about a new project at Microsoft called Plinq whose goal is to spread a Linq query across multiple processors.  Anders Hejlsberg discusses the potential performance advantages of distributing work across multiple processors. 

The article also cites a blog post last September by some Borland guy blathering on about how Linq would be a great way to tap into concurrent processing without burdening the developer with threads & locks and all the associated headaches.

Looks like Anders agrees.  ;>

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  1. YanivG says:

    I remember reading that blog post you made last September – and my first thought was yup, this is the kind of solid developer thinking I’ve come to expect from the folks who brought us Delphi.

    Like you, I no longer develop in Delphi, but I still think – like I thought that day when I got my hands on the Delphi 1.0 beta – that it’s an amazing piece of software engineering. One of the reasons I like the .NET framework I can trace so many of its designs back into the VCL. (Hmm… and some of things I don’t like about the .NET framework are the fact that it didn’t incorporate into it things that we’ve all learned post-Delphi 3 or 4).

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