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Greetings!  My name is Danny Thorpe and I am happy to announce that I have recently joined Microsoft's Windows Live Platform team. 

What's the Windows Live Platform team?  They're the folks bent on organizing, unifying, fleshing out and defining new APIs and SDKs to enable software developers from all camps to leverage Windows Live services in their own applications and interoperate with the world at scale.

Some of you who know me from my years at Borland working on Delphi stuff may have wondered where I disappeared to.  I've just completed a stint at Google to help create some cool stuff in the "web as an application platform" space.  That's well on its way now, so hopefully we'll see some manifestation of it show up on Google Labs in the next year or so.

Now I'm setting about figuring out some cool stuff for Windows Live!  One part of the challenge is to chip away at the mountain of Microsoft service API todos that the guys here have already identified as "must haves" and "minimum requirements". 

A more interesting - and more difficult - part of this team's job is to look out beyond the dust cloud kicked up by current industry activity to consider where things are going and what things should look like down the road - not just for Microsoft, but for the Internet as a whole - and set minds in motion to enrich everyone's Internet experience.  Seeing the forest and the trees, and planting trees where needed to make a better forest.  We're talking distant future stuff here, like 6 months from now.  (Hey, we're on Internet time!)  Heaven forbid we resort to overused marketing labels, but can you say "Web 2.0"?

To that end, we need your eyes and brains and whatever else they're attached to to have a look at the content over at the Windows Live Developer Center and tell us what's missing.  What API content needs improvement?   What existing APIs in the Windows Live family of services are missing functionality?  What APIs are missing completely?

What scenarios would you like to use the Windows Live services to accomplish?  Scenarios are solid gold, but often get boxed in by preconceptions.  Describe what you want to be able to do rather than waste too much time on describing how you would do it using today's primitive stone hammers.

Above all else, dream.

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  1. In 1988, I went to a Monsters of Rock concert at the L.A. Coliseum with headlining bands like Van Halen,…

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    Welcome, Danny.  Glad to have you aboard.  Resistance is futile 🙂


  3. drbob42 says:

    Good to "see" you again Danny, and thanks for sharing your ideas.

    Regarding the Windows Live Developer Center (in the Windows Live Messenger area): I would like to see video-conference-call enablement (the many-to-many type), useful for meetings but also actual off-site participations of speakers and delegates to "online conference events"….

  4. Keith Farmer says:

    So do we still get to see Delphi + LINQ? 🙂

  5. rkozak says:

    Hey Danny, I see you finally got your borg implants 😉

    Glad to see you on the Live Platform team and its great to see you blogging again. I’ve just subscribed.

    — Robert Kozak

  6. hdanzl says:

    Looking forward to see the direction you’re going with the team. It’s all a bit blurry at the moment with no real direction imo.

  7. pawelglowacki says:

    Hi Danny,
    Great to find your new blog. Looking forward to read about the guts of technology:-)

  8. MSDN Archive says:

    Trackback from dogbear2000

  9. Serge says:

    Glad to hear from you again.

    Your work at Borland was great and I think we will see more to come now at MS side.

    Now need to add a anew link to your blog to my list – it was great in the past and I think it will be even better now.

    Please continue to keep us informed about all goodies ;o)

  10. turingbook says:


  11. Ian Ceicys says:

    I’m looking forward to hear what you have to say about the future of Live from a developer’s prespective. What are the guts going to mean to us mere mortals. 😉

  12. ClausBarth says:

    Hi Danny,

    Great to find you here 🙂

    I have enjoyed your work at Borland (Delphi) for many years and your speaks at the BorCon’s.

    Will you be attending TechEd in Boston this year? I will then surely be at your session(s)

    Have fun


  13. MSDN Archive says:

    Trackback to Marco Cantu’s Tech World

  14. Jeff says:


  15. MSDN Archive says:


    Yes, I’m planning to be at TechEd in Boston June 11-16 to show off some of our newest gadgets.  

    Now if I could just get the silly thing to do what I want rather than what I write, we’d be making progress!  ;>

  16. 今天上网,看到有人发帖子说Danny Thorpe去微软了,加入了Windows Live小组,我很吃惊,然后又看到说是从Google去的,我就更惊讶了。Danny Thorpe是什么时候离开Borland的,我怎么一点都不知道。

  17. Dick Walker says:

    Hi Danny, it’s nice to know that the Microsoft community is going to see some of your handy work. I must be nice for such a large audience to be able to benefit from your skills and knowledge. I’ve been a loyal Delphi user for years and have always appreciated your talents and esp your talks.

    So where next? Borland > Google > Microsoft. That doesn’t leave many options. 🙂

    cheers, Dick

  18. MSDN Archive says:


    Ask me again in 10 years or so!  ;>

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