Windows 7 Rocks!

I’ve installed the M3 build of Windows 7 a week ago. I’ve installed it on my production laptop – all or nothing! :)  I had no problems with it at all, in fact, it’s a little bit faster than Vista was on the same hardware – will see how it changes after I install SQL…


eircom New World of Work Case Study

A Microsoft case study has been published about the New World of Work project at eircom in Ireland. This is a project that I’m very proud of. The Microsoft project team was Paul Mason, Paul Flavin, Phillip Fitzpatrick, David Nagle, Mark McCrory, Jussi Roine, Aidan Nolan, Mateusz Kantecki and myself. The eircom project team was…


SharePoint Governance Part I

In this series, I would like to outline what’s SharePoint governance, what happens if you don’t think of it, what are the benefits of having a governance guide for your environment and I’ll also give you a hint on how to start thinking about it. Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) developed a standard offering, called SharePoint…


My New Speech Blog

Tadadaaaam! I’ve got a new blog where I’ll blog only Speech Server and OCS topics – it’s on Marshall Harrison’s site at site, the blog’s URL is Enjoy it!


A Thought on Tools

A friend of mine (a Senior Developer in the Visual Studio/Nav product group) said this to me a year ago: You can do what your tools allow you to do. In other words, your tools are your best friends. I remember, Kalman told this to me in a better form, but this was the point….


Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Speech Server Development – Introduction

Office Communications Server 2007 is Microsoft’s IP communication solution and it allows companies to leverage their network infrastructure for voice, video communication, instant messaging, audio/video calls and for much more. You may ask what’s the benefit of using the computer network as opposed to the internal telephony network – you don’t pay after the minute…


TOC Web Part is Not Working

I did a search on the Internet about the problem and couldn’t really find anything useful. Symptoms You navigate to the Team Sites page and click on the “Site Map” link, you get the following message: Unable to display this Web Part. The Table of Contents start location, /default.aspx, is unavailable. Check to see if…


Some More MOSS Gotchas

Happy New Year! I hope that you had fun during the holidays and you didn’t eat too much – or at least you can balance it with some gym exercise in the upcoming days. 🙂 A few weeks ago, I installed MOSS at a Customer here in Ireland and I had more difficulties than I…