I’m the Second Microsoft BVPS Certified in Ireland! :)

I'm happy to announce that I've finally passed my BVPS exam. To date, I'm the second BVPS certified person in Ireland, the first one is Paddy Baxter, who have finished the exam 2 minutes earlier (and 23 points higher) than I did. Well done Paddy and David! This means, that from now, Microsoft Ireland is officially qualified for delivering Business Value Planning services. I also encourage partners to take advantage the opportunity and work with us to bring companies to the next maturity level! For more information on BVPS, feel free to contact me!

Comments (2)

  1. Neo says:

    Hi David


    So, it seems you are a Microsoft Partner now ?! I had an interview with Microsoft before and they somehow told me that we are not going to hire someone who has plan to be a partner at future 😉

    wish you more success day by day…

  2. Congratulations to yourself and Paddy!

    Best Regards,

    Marc P and the Business Value Planning Service Team

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