A checklist for enabling browser forms with Forms Services and SharePoint 2007

This is a checklist to follow if you are having problems with publishing InfoPath 2007 browser-enabled forms to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. A typical error message you receive in this case is

"This form template is browser-compatible, but it cannot be browser-enabled on the selected site"

... with an ugly yellow color. Here's what to check before you're going crazy:

  1. Install Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007 (independent product) on the SharePoint box if the Office server suite you use is lower than Enterprise (or if you are using Windows SharePoint Services 3.0). The Forms Services support is included in the Enterprise Office Server suite.

  2. After installed Forms Server, you'll have a InfoPath Forms Services section at the Application Management page. To go here, click on Start -> Administrative Tools -> SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration and choose the Application Management tab on the top of the page. Click on Configure InfoPath Forms Services in the InfoPath Forms Services section and check both "Allow users to browser-enable form templates" and "Render form templates that are browser-enabled by users" checkboxes, then OK this page

  3. Open your SharePoint site, click on Site Actions -> Site Settings, select Site collection features under Site Collection Administration and activate InfoPath Forms Services support

  4. Start designing your form with the InfoPath 2007 client. In InfoPath, click on Tools/Form Options, select the Compatibility category and check the "Design a form template that can be opened in a browser or InfoPath", then click OK. In the case if you miss this one and your form is browser-compatible, you get a warning message while publishing your form saying that "The server is running InfoPath Forms Services, but the compatibility settings for this form template is InfoPath only".

  5. Make sure that your form is browser-compatible. You can use the design checker task pane in the InfoPath 2007 client to perform this task.

  6. Publish your form onto a SharePoint 2007 library. In the wizard, at step 3, check the "Enable this form to be filled out by using a browser" checkbox and finish publishing.

  7. At the end of the publishing wizard, select "Open this document library" and click on Close. This will open the document library in the browser. Click on Settings/Form Library Settings, then click on Advanced Settings and select the "Display as a Web page" option in the Browser-enabled Documents category. If you don't choose this option, the form will be opened in InfoPath if it's installed on the client. Otherwise, it's going to be opened in the browser.

Hope that helps!

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  1. Gavin says:

    TYVM!  You just saved me about 8 hrs sleep with step 3 – didn’t realise that needed to be done as well!

  2. icee says:

    hello, i tried to follow the steps but i was stuck in step # 3, there was no "InfoPath Forms Services support" in the options to activate.  Did i miss something during installation, pleas advise.  Thanks

  3. dszabo says:

    Hi Icee, Do you have WSS or MOSS? have you followed steps 1, 2 and everything was going OK so far? Have you tried IISRESET already?



  4. Vasek says:

    Hi, I would like install Forms Server 2007. I have now MOSS Standard, I have to upgrade to Entreprise edition?

  5. dszabo says:

    Hi Vasek, you don’t need to install Enterprise edition, just follow my checklist to install Forms Services on your box and configure MOSS to live with it. Any questions, post here!

  6. Vasek says:

    Hi, I have MOSS 2007 std. Install Forms Server on other server, connect to exist farm. Configure #1,#2, but and don’t options InfoPath Forms Services support. IISRESET

  7. natell martin says:

    Hi, I have MOSS 2007 Ent. I followed the steps with two diferents websites but the option in step 3 simply does not appears. Anyway one site works, the other don’t, I spent hours looking for diferences between the sites with no results. My MOSS installation is in spanish.

    Could you figure out something?


  8. dszabo says:

    Ney Natell,

    In case if you have the Enterprise Edition, you don’t have to install Forms Services independently.

    Have you checked the InfoPath Forms Services section at the Application Management page? (SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration) Does it seems to be correct?


  9. natell martin says:

    Hi david, yes, I have Enterprise Edition and I’m not trying to install Forms Services independenly. I already checked that section and I have another site on the same farm working well with the same Infopath Form.

  10. dszabo says:

    Hi Natell,

    Try to force deactivating and activating the Forms Services feature.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

    Run the following commands to force deactivating and activating the Forms Services feature:

    stsadm -o deactivatefeature -filename IPFSSiteFeaturesfeature.xml -force -url %SITE_COLLECTION_URL%

    stsadm -o deactivatefeature -filename IPFSWebFeaturesfeature.xml -force -url %SITE_COLLECTION_URL%

    STSADM.EXE -o activatefeature -filename IPFSSiteFeaturesfeature.xml -url %Sitecollection_URL% -force

    STSADM.EXE -o activatefeature -filename IPFSWebFeaturesfeature.xml -url %sitecollection_URL% -force

    ** NOTE: The "%Sitecollection_URL%" is a place holder that would be replaced with your site collection URL, such as: http://sharepoint/sites/YourSiteCollection

  11. anne says:

    I’d tried to force deactivating and activating the Forms Services feature but it says that stsadm.exe is not recognize as internal/external commnd.operable program or batch file

  12. ainur says:

    Please help me ..I have a problem at step 3..I don’t have ‘InfoPath Forms Services support’ in my Site Collection Features.. Another thing is I have a

    ‘Template'(Microsoft Office InfoPath Form template.) in my Site Collection Features but cannot be activated where it occurs error to activate.The error sounds "Failed to instantiate file "solution.xsn" from module "XSN": The specified list does not exist."

    Can anyone help me to fix this problem….thanx in advance.

  13. Prasad says:

    Those who are facing problem at step 3, activate "Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features" option which includes the form services.

    It worked for me!!!

  14. ainur says:

    Dear Prasad,

    Thank you for your help.I am still very new in SharePoint and as an intern i am still got to learn more .I  do not know where to find "Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features". May b you could tell me where should I configure to enable me to get that features to be activated then. Thank you..


  15. ainur says:

    TQ..prasad….i’ve already able to make my form browse-enable..now i hav a problem in authentication.I have to make the form send through email to the manager and the manager have to approved the form and  submit it to the sender back.I am able to send the form to the email but could not able to make the form in the email editable…can anyone help me…

    thanx in advance…

  16. dszabo says:

    Anne, first log on to the C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12BIN folder, then run the commands from there (SDSADM.EXE lives in this folder)

  17. dszabo says:

    Ainur, sorry for not answering earlier. Site Collection features is at Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Modify All Site Settings -> Site Collection Features (in the rightmost column).

  18. dszabo says:

    Ainur, I know that it doesn’t answer you question, but why do you use email to run the approval workflow? Why don’t you use the built-in approval workflow? Or you can build you own easily, by using Windows Workflow Foundation from SharePoint Designer.

  19. ainur says:

    thnk u dzabo..and tq to every body that helps me.. let me explain you the requirements of my workflow.Actually I’ve to build a workflow of Travel Request for my company. Where I need to put the form in SharePoint list that can be access by all staff to request for travel application. The request candidate have to fii up the form and save it and submit the form.The request that have been made by staff will be send as an email notification to the manager and the manager has to approve or reject the request by just choosing the approval dropdown button in the same request form in the share point list that have been save by the request candidate.After the manager approved or rejected it, he must save the form again.Then the status will automatically appear in the list where the form has been published and a notification email will be send to the request candidate(staff).BUT the problem here is.. there is no authentication…anyone can approve the form.If i limit the staff access ..the won’t even get the form … so do you have any idea for me..to make it easier….thank you..very much…

  20. ainur says:

    hi david..at this momment i’ve manage to settle my problem above…now i’m figure out  to use user roles in Infopath 2007.Can anyone help me..tq…

  21. tim says:

    can i ask u a question?..

    is it possible to connect infopath to personal document in MySite?

    i’d tried so many times but there’s an error

    "getting the site content type columns failed"

  22. ainur says:

    Hi…I have the same problem as Tim…how to publish InfoPath to MySite in SharePoint and is it possible?can anybody tell me how to do it if it’s possible.thank you in advance…

  23. fatima says:

    hi guys..I hav a problem here…My approval workflow in share point can’t send a notification email to the approver.why?can anyone help me to fix it.thank you guys…

  24. dszabo says:

    Hi Fatima,

    Have you set your mail server’s settings for WSS/MOSS? It’s in Central Admin, let me know if you can’t find it.

  25. hannah says:

    hi..Can anyone help…how to store data in MS Access where I want the data store the entitlement of leave they have and it updates itself when the application has approved and the MS Access  will export to sharepoint in a form of list.I ‘ve successfully export the access in the sharepoint list but i can’t create the expression of the entitlement and i don’t know to store the entitlement of every user.how do i configure the MS access?thanks

  26. dszabo says:

    Tim, Ainur,

    Normally, you should be able to publish an InfoPath form to a MySite – for example, I can do it on my own MySite with no problems. I suggest checking the WSS error log, located at Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions12LOGS for more information. Cheers! David

  27. dszabo says:

    Hannah, can you please provide some more information/background? I’m not sure what exactly you are thinking about. Thanks! David

  28. senyl says:

    My MOSS server is setup right (except for one part, that is another discussion).  The forms web service responds to me when I put the URL in my browser, but when I check for compatibility through InfoPath 07, it gives me "An error occurred while verifying the form template." with details of: "InfoPath either cannot connect to the data source or the service has timed out."

    There are no other data sources, and no custom code in the form.  When I publish the form, things look good, until the last screen which says "The form template could not be browser-enabled, but it was successfully published for use with Microsoft Office InfoPath."

    Any ideas?

  29. senyl says:

    David,  can you look at this MSDN forum where I have explained in detail an error that I’m having with my MOSS setup?


  30. natell says:

    Hi dszabo

    I see your message to me after several days because I was on vacations. I cannot do the step 3 yet but your commands to force deactivating and activating the Forms Services feature SAVED ME, thanks. The actual problem was exactly I cannot active the forms to web in one specific site collection of my server. With your proposed commands everything rocks!

    suddenly I turn into a fan of your blog 😉

    Thank you

  31. anne says:

    I am now using Reporting Services..When I go to Manage Shared Schedules the following error occurs..

    ‘The specified path refers to a SharePoint zone that is not supported. The default zone path must be used’

    How to fix this problem..can anybody help..please…

    TQ so much in advance..

  32. Mike Goodloe says:

    I have a browser enabled form that fails to display on some machines when you click on the email notification link to the item sent via a workflow).  

    In some cases the browser on select machines shows only XML in others it prompts an error, trying to launch Infopath. Yet on a few it opens the source new Infopath form in browser mode correctly.

    Any ideas how I can ensure all machines open the forms in browser mode, when the link is selected in the workflow notification?

  33. dszabo says:

    Mike, Do you have problems opening the same item from the list on the web UI?

  34. Cris says:


    We seem to have a problem publishing our form to the rooted site collection, but not to a non-rooted site collection on the same server. We’ve followed all the steps above, however, when we go to publish the form, the checkbox for Enable this form to be filled out by a browser is grayed out (only on the rooted site collection). Any ideas on what we can check to see what the difference is between the rooted and non-rooted site collections? This is running in a web server farm, to add to the complexity.



  35. Cris says:

    One other comment on my post above, this site was migrated from WSS v2 to v3 and then to MOSS.

  36. Kenny says:

    This doesn’t work for me, I did a fresh install of MOSS 2007 enterprise, features enabled, site configured, and still gives me the yellow box saying the site isn’t setup for browser enabled features.

  37. Al says:

    Hi, I can’t get past step one.  I’m running MOSS 2007 Std, attempting to install Forms server on the same box produces error messages stating "… an existing installation been detected…".  After doing some research it appears that this configuration isn’t supported, http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2083926&SiteID=1  

    Is there a work around that will allow me to install forms server on a box that’s running MOSS Std?


  38. Aziz says:

    Hello David

    first of all i want to thank you for the great post it really nice for all infopath/sharepoint newbies like myself 🙂

    i have another problem now at work

    there is no ssp installed on the server(MOSS enterprise) and i cant create a new one

    to create ssp i must have search service running or else i get the ugly no indexer message

    the problem is  i cant activate search service

    when it ask for username and password i dont know what username and password i should provide to it

    shall i make a new user on active directory or there is some exact username  i have to use

    the old sharepoint administrator with all the info has left the company and the new one dont know anything about shareopint at all 🙂

    maybe you can give me some help with that

    thanks in advance

  39. Aziz says:

    i am a newbie to sharepoint and infopath so most of the time when i try to do something i end up googling

  40. Aziz says:

    I am kinda newbie to Sharpeoing and Infopath so each time i try to do something i end up with tons of

  41. dszabo says:

    Hey Aziz,

    I believe, the problem is that the Search service’s account is expired or it’s locked out. Go to the SSP admin page and check what user is specified in there. We suggest using a dedicated account to run the service SSP, don’t use your domain account! 😉


  42. Aziz says:

    Hello Again David

    first sorry for the double posts it was just one post dunno why it split up to 3

    about my problem there is no ssp running and i cant create one because of the search service account thing

    would u explain what do you mean with dedicated account and how can i create / use one ?

    thanks for your help and between i copied your post in my blog if you don’t mind and i added reference to your blog home and this post too to keep credit to you 🙂

  43. dszabo says:

    Hi Aziz,

    Thanks for creating a reference to my blog. We recommend configuring WSS/MOSS to use a different Windows account for each different functionalities. Please read the following document to understand what accounts and functionalities I’m talking about: http://technet2.microsoft.com/Office/logredir.aspx?MODE=CT&CTT=ToExternal&target=http%3A%2F%2Fgo.microsoft.com%2Ffwlink%2F%3FLinkID%3D92883%26clcid%3D0x409&referrer=http%3A%2F%2Ftechnet2.microsoft.com%2FOffice%2Fen-us%2Flibrary%2Ff07768d4-ca37-447a-a056-1a67d93ef5401033.mspx&reldir=en-us%2Flibrary

    Please check what accounts are configured in your MOSS, maybe the problem is that one or more of these accounts were expired. If that’s not the case, post your exact error message (including any error messaged you get into your app/system logs) here, so I’ll be able to look it up.



  44. jskolm says:

        "Try to force deactivating and activating the Forms Services feature.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

    Run the following commands to force deactivating and activating the Forms Services feature:

    stsadm -o deactivatefeature -filename IPFSSiteFeaturesfeature.xml -force -url %SITE_COLLECTION_URL%

    stsadm -o deactivatefeature -filename IPFSWebFeaturesfeature.xml -force -url %SITE_COLLECTION_URL%

    STSADM.EXE -o activatefeature -filename IPFSSiteFeaturesfeature.xml -url %Sitecollection_URL% -force

    STSADM.EXE -o activatefeature -filename IPFSWebFeaturesfeature.xml -url %sitecollection_URL% -force

    ** NOTE: The "%Sitecollection_URL%" is a place holder that would be replaced with your site collection URL, such as: http://sharepoint/sites/YourSiteCollection

    ^^^ This WORKED perfectly for me!! THANK YOU!!!!

  45. Erik Bo says:

    To activate InfoPath Form Services

    on a stand-alone MOFS installation – as in Step 3.

    U should use:

    stsadm -o activatefeature -filename IPFSfeature.xml -url http://%siteCollection_URL% -force


    Erik Bo

  46. Eddie says:

    I still have the (enable this form to be filled out by using a browser)greyed out.

    Do you have any suggestions.


  47. Shady says:

    hello folks

    to be honest i tried to find a solution over the webfor this crap but without any solution 🙁

    dszabo i tried everything u mentioned and still the option is grayed out

    any suggestions or any new checklist to follow please 🙁

  48. Chloe says:

    Hi David,

    I have run the commons given but the option of InfoPath Forms Services support still doesnot appear.

    Kindly advise.

    Many thanks,


  49. Smile says:

      "Try to force deactivating and activating the Forms Services feature.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

    This worked for me to!Thank you very much.

    This problem has perplexed me 4 days longer.

  50. TJ says:

    I had the same problem. Did all the steps. But something messed up with Form Templates Document Library.

    Followed this method and it worked.( recreated the Forms Template Doc lib)


  51. imsatasia says:

    Hello Ken,

    I have followed your steps. But at step-3 I have seen that under my site collection settings:

    – There is no "InfoPath Forms Services support". So, I’m not able to activate it.

    – But, I have "Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection feature" which is Active.

    – Then I have tried force de-activating and activating features.

    But, When I tried to see the forms it is not showing me the forms in the browser.

    How can I solve this problem..??

    -Thank You

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