6 Month Contract Position at MSR Cambridge: Cross-Platform and Web-Delivered Data-Rich Programming with F# 3.0

  Microsoft Research are seeking candidates for a 6-month contract position in F# programming to help improve the capabilities of F# in the area of cross-platform and web-delivered data-rich programming. The candidate should have several of the following: Excellent F# programming skills Experience with ASP.NET, Web, Silverlight and/or Javascript programming Experience with implementing tooling for typed…


Updates to the August 2011 F# 2.0 Compiler Code Drop

Over on the F# team blog we’ve announced Updates to the August 2011 F# 2.0 Compiler Code Drop   As announced at the Microsoft Research 20th Anniversary event in Cambridge UK, we have updated the F# 2.0 compiler source code drop to include changes related to the www.tryfsharp.org web application. The code drop is the…


Simple F# ViewModel for Silverlight MVVM

The wonderful F# Snippets community site continues to be a source of great inspiration, guidance and samples in the practical use of F# in all sorts of domains The latest addition is a “Simple F# ViewModel for Silverlight MVVM”. F# is an excellent language for implementing Silverlight View Model components and using them in Expression Blend. Silverlight…


Project templates for F# games, libraries and applications on Windows Phone 7 using XNA

 Johann Deneux and Giuseppe Maggiore have been putting together templates for F# games, libraries and applications for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) XNA. This extends Dan Mohl’s great work on templates for list, panorama and vanilla applications. Like all other templates on Visual Studio Gallery, these are ALL available via online templates from Visual Studio 2010…


Professional F# 2.0, from Wrox

The long awaited Professional F# 2.0 is now available from Wrox! I got my copy from Talbott at PDC10, and have been greatly enjoying working my way through it, and I like everything I’ve seen. The book covers everything you need to know to get started with writing professional software components with F#, especially in enterprise…


F# Windows Phone 7 (Silverlight) Templates Now On Visual Studio Gallery

Dan Mohl from the F# community has added some F# Windows Phone 7 (Silverlight) templates on Visual Studio Gallery. Screen shot below. Cheers! don    (Note: A WP7 FSharp.Core.dll has been included as part of these templates. It is also part of the Microsoft F# August 2010 CTP.)  


Some F# Project Templates Available Online

One of the things I’ve been remiss in doing is advertising the existence of some key F# templates for use with Visual Studio. First, if you have Visual Studio 2010, you can access many of these templates simply by going “New Project –> Online Templates –> …” and looking for F# templates. You can also…


F# PowerPack May 2010 – now for Silverlight

Dmitry Lomov from the F# team has announced the May 2010 version of the F# PowerPack: Today we release a new version of F# PowerPack – an open-source collection of libraries and tools for use with F# programming language provided by F# team at Microsoft. Starting from this release, F# PowerPack installation includes PowerPack libraries built…