Slides for "Making Magic with F# Type Providers" at NDC London

  Yesterday I gave a talk at NDC London 2013 called “Making Magic with F# Type Providers” Here are my slides : The raw PPTX is also attached further below.     data-type-providers-fsharp.pptx


F# Type Provider for MATLAB – Feedback requested, contributions welcome

  Rick Minerich (@rickasaurus) of Bayard Rock has implemented an F# Type Provider for MATLAB (TM). A GitHub home page for the project is also available. He would like people familiar with F# and/or MATLAB to use the type provider and give him feedback on it! My understanding is that you can use an evaluation copy…


FunScript – F# to Javascript leveraging TypeScript metadata

 FunScript is “a lightweight F# library that lets you rapidly develop single-page web and mobile applications”. This now has a nice new home page:  It is interesting because: It compiles F# to JavaScript (see also WebSharper) It leverages TypeScript metadata to do typed interop with JavaScript libraries through an F# type provider It supports F#…


Using a Java Framework with F#: The Stanford Parser for NLP

We like to say “F# loves R”, because we can use R packages from F#, through an R type provider for F#.  We like to say “F# loves TypeScript”, because we can use TypeScript Interface Definition Files from F#, through a TypeScript type provider for F#. This applies when compiling F# to Javascript through FunScript…


Twelve F# type providers in action

  Twelve F# type providers in action, brought to you with love by the Visual F# team and the F# Community Click on the images to learn more about using and/or contributing to the type providers. All your types are belong to us 🙂                            …


Access Thousands of R Statistics Packages from F# 3.0

Did you know you can use F# type providers to access thousands of statistical packages from R, with auto-complete and documentation? Those of you into data analysis will be aware of the use of the R system by statisticians and other data workers. The F# community and BlueMountain Capital have created a type provider for…


6 Month Contract Position at MSR Cambridge: Cross-Platform and Web-Delivered Data-Rich Programming with F# 3.0

  Microsoft Research are seeking candidates for a 6-month contract position in F# programming to help improve the capabilities of F# in the area of cross-platform and web-delivered data-rich programming. The candidate should have several of the following: Excellent F# programming skills Experience with ASP.NET, Web, Silverlight and/or Javascript programming Experience with implementing tooling for typed…


Demo Scripts from the F# 3.0 BUILD talk

[ Note: before using the Freebase demo in the ZIP you may need to remove the “mark of the web” from all DLLs in the extracted ZIP, see this blog post on error code 0x80131515 ] Some people have been asking for the demo scripts from the F# 3.0 talk at BUILD in order to give…


F# 3.0 Developer Preview Now Available!

Over on the F# team blog we have announced the Developer Preview Release of F# 3.0. The Visual Studio F# team is excited to announce a preview release of F# 3.0 as part of the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview, announced on Tuesday at the //build/ conference. This preview is available now for all MSDN subscribers….


I’m speaking at //build/ this week

As everyone doing development with Microsoft tools is probably aware, this week is the //build/ conference in Anaheim! Session details are now yet up for the individual sessions! Here’s the link to my talk: F# 3.0: data, services, Web, cloud, at your fingertips. I’m looking forward to joining everyone at the conference and giving my…