Expert F# 3.0

Expert F# 3.0 is now out!   The book is a comprehensive guide to F#, with the first chapters taking you through functional, imperative and object programming, and later chapters featuring many applied topics in F# programming. The book has been substantially revised and now features additional material on programming with text programming with numbers…


New Tech Report from Microsoft Research: Strongly-Typed Language Support for Internet-Scale Information Sources

 I’m very pleased to announce that Microsoft Research have published a new technical report related to F# 3.0 called Strongly-Typed Language Support for Internet-Scale Information Sources, (or go straight to the PDF). To reference this work, please cite MSR technical report number MSR-TR-2012-101. Authors: Don Syme, Keith Battocchi, Kenji Takeda, Donna Malayeri, Jomo Fisher, Jack Hu, Tao…


CFP: First Workshop on Programming the Semantic Web – PSW

See The Web of Data is growing at an enormous pace. However, the development of dedicated software applications, capable to deal efficiently in information-rich spaces, of which the Semantic Web is one dimension, is notyet mainstream. Reasons for that include one (or more) of the following research issues: lack of integrated development environments (IDEs,…


Come and work with the F# group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge!

  Come and work with the F# group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge! Microsoft Research in Cambridge has open positions for very high quality applicants with advanced computer science skills (normally recent PhD-level graduates or highly relevant industry experience), and internships for current PhD candidates or other talented masters students. I would like to encourage…


F# 3.0 Developer Preview Now Available!

Over on the F# team blog we have announced the Developer Preview Release of F# 3.0. The Visual Studio F# team is excited to announce a preview release of F# 3.0 as part of the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview, announced on Tuesday at the //build/ conference. This preview is available now for all MSDN subscribers….