Slides for "Succeeding with Functional-First Programming in Finance"

At NDC Oslo, F# in Finance and other recent events I’ve given versions of the talk “Succeeding with Functional-First Programming in Finance”. I’ve also given adaptions called “Succeeding with Functional-First Programming in Industry”.   The slides are now available on Slide Share. The talk is based partly on material from and other sources, I’d be happy…


F# in Finance – London – 25 Nov 2013

Over on the Visual F# Tools team blog: Microsoft Developer Platform Evangelism (DPE) and Fountainhead Events invite you to F# in Finance in London on 25th November! Register early!  There will be a matching event in New York on 11th December. Read more here.        


F# Deep Dives – Chapter 4 – Financial Programming

Earlier I posted about F# Deep Dives and its Early Access Program for reading chapters of the book as they become available. I’m particularly struck by the contents of Chapter 4 – Numerical computing in the financial domain by Chao-Jen Chen. This looks like a stunning guide to financial programming with F#. Here are the…


Slides for today’s talk at UCL Algorithmic Trading Day

As I mentioned earlier, I gave a short talk today at the UCL Algorithmic Trading Day. The slides are attached below. The early demos I used were essentially those I used at SIGCSE 2011. don   fsharp-ucl-algo-2.pptx


Today in London: F# at UCL Algorithmic Trading Workshop

Today I’ll be giving a 20 minute slot at the UCL Algorithmic Trading Workshop in London. Anyone can come along to the event, which may be of interest to people working in both industry and research. (My talk won’t be particularly focused on algorithmic trading, just a general quick F# taster) Algorithmic Trading –Global Opportunities…


Logistic Regression in F# using Microsoft Solver Foundation

Following on from my last post on Support Vector Machines in F# using Microsoft Solver Foundation, I’d also like to point to Yin Zhu’s post on Logistic Regression in F# using Microsoft Solver Foundation. Enjoy! Don Logistic Regression in F# using Microsoft Solver Foundation Logistic regression is a workhorse in data mining. Like decision trees…


Support vector machines (SVMs) in F# using Microsoft Solver Foundation

One of the F# blogs I follow all the time is F# for Data Mining by Yin Zhu in Hong Kong. Yin’s latest post really caught my eye: An Introduction to Support Vector Machines in F# using Microsoft Solver Foundation.  SVMs are a statistical machine learning technique used for all sorts of purposes, from finance…


F# Team Contract Position in Cambridge UK

The F# team in Cambridge have an opening for a contractor specializing in applying F# to industry-relevant domains. This includes developing concepts and demonstrators of using F# to solve real-world issues in cloud computing, with applications to financial programming, technical computing and web programming. A knowledge of enterprise computing topics such as database, CRM and…


Functional Programming eXchange 2011, London, March 18, 2011

In a previous blog post I mentioned Simon Cousins and his explanation of why F# programming was effective for his recent enterprise work. Robert Pickering mentions that Simon wil be one of the speakers at the Functional Programming eXchange 2011 on March 18, 2011, speaking on F# in the Enterprise. Other speakers include Simon Peyton Jones,…


F# New York User Group Meetup

The F# New York City User Group has started recently, and the liftoff meetup is a week from now, next Monday, Dec 6 Location Microsoft, 6th floor 1290 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 10019 This first meeting of the New York City F# User group will be hosted by Richard Minerich and Howard Mansell. We’ll be…