SkillsMatter Progressive F# Tutorials, New York City, 5-6 June 2012

  I’m glad to mention that SkillsMatter will be running their Progressive F# Tutorials in New York City, 5 June 2012! This is a great opportunity for those on the East Coast of the USA to dive into practical, real-world programming F# from some of the world’s best F# speakers.  Some details are below, more details…


F# Training in London in January and February: Functional Programming in .NET and Real World F# Programming

Is it time to learn something new? Training is key to growing F# adoption and understanding in your enterprise, as well as increasing the skillbase of your C# and other programmers mroe generally. Here are some links to F# training courses in London in January and February, from the wonderful Tomas Petricek and Phil Trelford…


Two Day Course: Tomas Petricek & Phil Trelford’s Functional Programming in .NET, 27-28 October, 2011

  Tomas Petricek & Phil Trelford are two major and well-known contributors to the F# Community and the F# London User Group. Tomas and Phil have teamed together to offer a two day course on Functional Programming in .NET. The course will be held at SkillsMatter in London on 27-28 Oct 2011. Tomas Petricek’s and Phil Trelford’s two-day Functional…


The F# Journal: Low Latency Allocationless Programming on .NET

The latest article from The F# Journal is on a topic I sometimes get asked about when talking to people doing low-latency financial trading systems: Allocationless programming on .NET “An extreme technique used in some latency-critical applications is to completely circumvent the garbage collector by replacing all heap allocations with the use of pre-allocated arrays of…


Use F# Programming to Win the RockPaperAzure Challenge!

The RockPaperAzure Challenge is a competition being run by the Microsoft Azure team. You can find all the details in Did you play Rock, Paper, Scissors as a kid? Does it still determine who makes the afternoon coffee run? Then you already know how to play the game. Now’s your chance to code your…


Please submit your feedback on Faculty and students especially!

I’m just been at the Microsoft Research Software Summit where we (Tomas Pertricek and I) gave a tutorial and a lecture on F#. The Microsoft Research Connections Try F# team were also there, and did a fabulous job running demos of, and they gave a session doing an in-depth dive as well. It was…


Announcing the Try F# Website!

On behalf of Microsoft Research Connections, I’m very glad to announce the arrival of the “go live” edition of the Try F# website! TryF# is a new tool from Microsoft Research Connections that enables the learning of the F# programming language in an interactive browser-based environment. TryF# makes F# accessible to users with Windows and…


Tomorrow: Skills Matter Functional Programming Exchange, London

The folk at Skills Matter in London are hosting a Functional Programming Exchange workshop tomorrow in London. Speakers include Simon Peyton-Jones (MSR), Tomas Petricek (UCambridge), Simon Cousins, Matt Davey (Lab 49), Sadek Drobi, Robert Pickering, Adam Granicz, Antonio Cisternino and more. Enjoy! Don


Slides and Demo Scripts for SIGCSE

Today Nigel Horspool and I gave a tutorial on F# at SIGCSE in Dallas. As promised at the tutorial, attached to this blog post are the slides we used, along with the TwitterFeed and Interactive DirectX scripts used by Don. (For those who have seen it before, the TwitterFeed demo has been rewritten to use JSON)…