F# Deep Dives – Chapter 4 – Financial Programming

Earlier I posted about F# Deep Dives and its Early Access Program for reading chapters of the book as they become available. I’m particularly struck by the contents of Chapter 4 – Numerical computing in the financial domain by Chao-Jen Chen. This looks like a stunning guide to financial programming with F#. Here are the…


Expert F# 3.0

Expert F# 3.0 is now out!   The book is a comprehensive guide to F#, with the first chapters taking you through functional, imperative and object programming, and later chapters featuring many applied topics in F# programming. The book has been substantially revised and now features additional material on programming with text programming with numbers…


F# – Einstieg und praktische Anwendung, Oliver Sturm

Ein neues  F# Buch, auf Deutsch http://entwickler-press.de/ep/psecom,id,2,buchid,239.html Mit Visual Studio 2010 hielt eine neue Programmiersprache in der .NET-Welt Einzug: F#. Das Stadium der Forschungssprache hat F# hinter sich gelassen und stellt Ihnen mit seinem hybriden Ansatz Möglichkeiten zur Verfügung, die weit über das Können anderer .NET-Sprachen hinausgehen. Die objektorientierte Welt ist sogar besser als in…


The F# Survival Guide (archived edition)

There is a very nice online book called “The F# Survival Guide”, previously hosted at ctocorner.com. Unfortunately, for some reason that site is no longer available. Several F# community members have tried to work out why, but so far to no avail. In any case, the book is HTML and the most recent version is…


New Book: FRIENDLY F# through Game Development and XNA

Giuseppe Maggiore has just written to me about his new F# e-book, FRIENDLY F# through Game Development and XNA, where you learn F# through game development with XNA!  This looks fabulous – I learnt to program through games, and so what better way to learn programming than this combination? You can also get it on Amazon,…


The F# Journal: Low Latency Allocationless Programming on .NET

The latest article from The F# Journal is on a topic I sometimes get asked about when talking to people doing low-latency financial trading systems: Allocationless programming on .NET “An extreme technique used in some latency-critical applications is to completely circumvent the garbage collector by replacing all heap allocations with the use of pre-allocated arrays of…


Microsoft Press are looking for authors to write books on F#

Devon Musgrave from Microsoft Press has just tweeted a call for authors to write books on F#. He is particularly interested in things like a “step by step guide to F# for people who already know programming”. Contact “devonm” at microsoft.com.


Professional F# 2.0, from Wrox

The long awaited Professional F# 2.0 is now available from Wrox! I got my copy from Talbott at PDC10, and have been greatly enjoying working my way through it, and I like everything I’ve seen. The book covers everything you need to know to get started with writing professional software components with F#, especially in enterprise…


Getting started with F# using an online book

Some of the recent announcements around F# have greatly expanded the number of people looking to dig into the language. One great resource for getting started with F# online is the online book called The F# Survival Guide, from CTO Corner. To quote Mark Pearl: I highly recommend those wanting to get into the basics…