The F# Operators and Basic Functions

F# comes with a number of essential basic functions and operators pre-defined. For example, even “+” is an operator defined in Microsoft.FSharp.Core.Operators, which is opened by default. Likewise “abs” is a function to take the absolute value of a signed integer or floating point number, and “int64” is a function that converts its input to a…


FSCheck updated for the F# CTP

Kurt has updated FSCheck, a port of QuickCheck, for the F# CTP [Update 2: I converted the old F# project to a shiny new .fsproj compatible with the F# September CTP which was released yesterday. …]


F# Optimization Modeling Language Sample Utilizing Microsoft Solver Foundation

The first version of the F# Optimization Domain Specific Language (ODSL) sample is now available, built with the new Microsoft Solver Foundation. Solver Foundation is a framework of solvers and modeling services enabling planning, risk modeling, and scheduling for .NET developers. It is integrated with the full power of the NETfx 3.5+ platform including LINQ for…


An introduction to Units of Measure by Andrew Kennedy

Andrew Kennedy has published the first part of a tutorial introduction to Units of Measure in F#. Do you remember NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter? It was lost in September 1999 because of a confusion between metric and so-called “English” units of measurement. The report into the disaster made many recommendations. In all likelihood, the accident could…


Detailed Release Notes for the F# September 2008 CTP release

These are the detailed release notes for the F# September 2008 CTP release. The release announcement is here. We will be publishing a known issues list here shortly and augmenting it as new issues are found. [ Update: The following issues were addressed in the update to the CTP on 6 Sep 2008    …


The F# September 2008 CTP is now available!

I’m very pleased to announce the availability of the F# September 2008 CTP Release, launched via the new MSDN F# Developer Center. This release represents an important step in the evolution of the F# language as we progress it towards a fully supported language for the .NET platform. A huge thank you to both the F# team and…


F# addin for MonoDevelop

Wildart has been working on an F# addin for MonoDevelop for use on all platforms where Mono runs. To quote I just finished draft version of F# Addin for Monodevelop. This addin provides support of F# compiler in Monodevelop IDE. You could find new version of Monodevelop in Mono 2.0 Preview. Take a look! The project site is…


Why I love the F# CTP

OK, I’ve been working flat out on the F# CTP of late. Not enough blogging, but lots of design work, compiler work, specification writing. And in truth, I’ve been absolutely loving it. What a great team to work with. As a pause, I thought I’d explain why I love the way this release is shaping…


F# for Scientists now available!

I can’t believe I missed posting about this – F# for Scientists is now out! I haven’t got my hardcopy just yet, but I read a draft of this book, and was really very impressed. The 3D visualization chapter is stunning in its simplicity and power, the parallel programming techniques presented are simple and powerful,…