Putting the F# in Finance with Xenomorph TimeScape: A World of Financial Data at your Fingertips, Strongly Tooled and Strongly Typed

  Over on the Visual F# team blog we’ve described how to use F# type providers with Xenomorph TimeScape, a financial data product which you can use in Windows Azure and on-premise. This work is an F# sample from Microsoft Research. The sample has been picked by the F# community and incorporated into the new…


How to contribute to the F# support in Xamarin Studio, Emacs and more

The purpose of this post is to mention where the F# language, compilation and editing support in Xamarin Studio comes from and how you can contribute to this tooling (and the same for Emacs too), and is posted on behlaf of Dave Thomas, a major F# commuity contributor. As many readers will know, F# is…


F# in Finance – London – 25 Nov 2013

Over on the Visual F# Tools team blog: Microsoft Developer Platform Evangelism (DPE) and Fountainhead Events invite you to F# in Finance in London on 25th November! Register early!  There will be a matching event in New York on 11th December. Read more here.        


F# Type Provider for MATLAB – Feedback requested, contributions welcome

  Rick Minerich (@rickasaurus) of Bayard Rock has implemented an F# Type Provider for MATLAB (TM). A GitHub home page for the project is also available. He would like people familiar with F# and/or MATLAB to use the type provider and give him feedback on it! My understanding is that you can use an evaluation copy…


F# Deep Dives – Chapter 4 – Financial Programming

Earlier I posted about F# Deep Dives and its Early Access Program for reading chapters of the book as they become available. I’m particularly struck by the contents of Chapter 4 – Numerical computing in the financial domain by Chao-Jen Chen. This looks like a stunning guide to financial programming with F#. Here are the…


F# Deep Dives – Early Access Program

I’d like to draw your attention to the Early Access Program for F# Deep Dives, which looks like it will be a wonderful book! F# Deep Dives presents a collection of real-world F# techniques, each written by expert practitioners. Each chapter presents a new use case where you’ll read how the author used F# to…


F#/C# jobs in Machine Learning + Data Tools, Microsoft Research, Redmond

  Microsoft Research in Redmond has several RSDE (Research Software Development Engineer) positions available in Machine Learning + Data Tools. They are looking for people with C# and F# skills – both are used. Prior Machine Learning experience is not necessary. Research Software Development Engineer, Senior – Microsoft Research Job Research Software Development Engineer II…


Tonight at F#unctional Londoners: More Machine Learning Hands-on with F#

Tonight at the F#unctional Londoners meetup:, 6:30pm, SkillsMatter, London: In this regular meetup we’ll take on one or more programming challenges in F#. All levels of experience welcome, from beginner to expert. This month we’ll go hands on with a Machine Learning introduction in F# using sample data from Kaggle to predict who lives and who…


FSCL – Compiling F# to OpenCL for High-Performance over Multi-core and Many-core devices

My friend Antonio Cisternino recently pointed me to FSCL – a compiler from F# to OpenCL. Here is the abstract from the documentation for the compiler: https://t.co/vHQPzsxE0O. The project currently seems to live here: https://github.com/GabrieleCocco/ Nowadays, OpenCL is one of the most popular programming frameworks for high-performance computing over multicore and many-core devices. Thanks to…


FunScript – F# to Javascript leveraging TypeScript metadata

 FunScript is “a lightweight F# library that lets you rapidly develop single-page web and mobile applications”. This now has a nice new home page: http://funscript.info/  It is interesting because: It compiles F# to JavaScript (see also WebSharper) It leverages TypeScript metadata to do typed interop with JavaScript libraries through an F# type provider It supports F#…