The F# September 2008 CTP is now available!

I’m very pleased to announce the availability of the F# September 2008 CTP Release, launched via the new MSDN F# Developer Center. This release represents an important step in the evolution of the F# language as we progress it towards a fully supported language for the .NET platform. A huge thank you to both the F# team and…


.NET/C# Generics History: Some Photos From Feb 1999

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work on several different projects. F# is ongoing, has several different aspects (FP, OO, async, units-of-measure etc.) and quite high-visiblity, but perhaps the one that was most timely, most foundational, and most wide-reaching was .NET and C# Generics. Here are some fun photos from the early history…


F# to ship as part of Visual Studio 2010

Last year, the head of the Microsoft’s Developer Division, S. Somasegar, announced that Microsoft had begun investing in F# as one of Microsoft’s supported languages on the .NET platform. I am now thrilled to announce one result of this investment: F# will ship as part of Visual Studio 2010! Since the September 2008 CTP of…


A Taste of F# Interactive in Visual Studio

Here’s a taste of some great new functionality that will be in the next release of F#, which we should have out sometime in the next week or so. The cool thing here is not just the pretty graphics (which you’ve been able to do in F# for a while now), but F# Interactive (fsi.exe) embedded…


Introducing F# Asynchronous Workflows

[ Update: Robert pickering has a very nice summary of using asynchonous workflows with web services ] F# includes a pre-release of F# asynchronous workflows. In this blog post we’ll take a look at asynchronous workflows and how you might use them in practice. Asynchronous workflows are an application of F#’s computation expression syntax….


S. Somasegar on taking F# forward

Today is an exciting day for the F# team. The Corporate VP for the Microsoft Developer Division, S. Somasegar, has announced the formation of a team to take F# forward. This will be a partnership with the current F# team at Microsoft Research. This is a huge step for us and we believe a great step forward…


F# 1.1.13 now available!

  I’m pleased to announce that F# 1.1.13 is now available! You can download this release from .    This is an exciting release, containing many important enhancements to the language that make F# programming simpler, more powerful and easier to explain and understand.  We’re particularly pleased with comprehensions, which, although found in other languages,…


F# 2.0 Released

[ Note, if you want to use the free download of F# 2.0, you should use the August 2010 release of the F# 2.0 free download MSI and ZIP. This release extends the existing availability of free-for-use F# programming tools to .NET 4.0. ]   Today sees the launch of Visual Studio 2010, at five…


Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 with F# is now available, plus matching F# CTP Update for VS2008

The F# team are thrilled to announce that Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 is now available , including the latest version of F#. Today we are also releasing a matching F# May 2009 CTP for use with Visual Studio 2008 (MSI, ZIP). Further below is a screen shot, more here. If you’re new to F#, consider watching the PDC…


HTML5 Programming with F#

Today I spent the afternoon with Manuel Serrano, designer of Hop, a Scheme variation for cross-tier web programming, targeting JVM and Javascript.      This is highly related to WebSharper, which lets you program HTML/Javascript/Ajax with F#. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that WebSharper includes demos of HTML5 programming with F#. For example: ·     HTML5 Canvas Sample…