Using Parallel Extensions from F#

A couple of weeks ago saw the release of the CTP of the Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework (download), This is one the major technologies currently under development at Microsoft for parallel and concurrent programming and provides a great mix of core technologies such as the Task Parallel Library (TPL) and highly expressive programmer devices such…


Harry Pierson with F# links and learning material

Harry Pierson of Microsoft Enterprise Applications Services has been looking a lot at F# recently. He has a great series of posts exploring the language, and some good suggestions and observations too. Harry will be starting a series on “Practical Parsing” soon, so more to come!  


Full Release Notes for F# and

I’m glad to say that a release candidate for  F# 1.9.3 is now available (download via main post). The changes up to are documented further below. Additional changes between1.9.3.7 and are: Constructed classes may now be mutually recursive with other types, fixing an incompletness in the language implementation Microsoft.FSharp.Core.Func module is deprecated (this…


F# 1.9.3 Candidate Release Now Available!

[ Update: The release candidate has been updated to F# The additional changes are documented with the release notes below ] I’m very glad to say that an updated release candidate for  F# 1.9.3 is now available (MSI, ZIP). This is F# Here are the full release notes for This is primarily a stabilization…


Making use of F#’s math libraries together with Z3

Byron Cook, of Terminator fame, has just been looking at using F# in conjunction with the Z3 theorem prover, a great new .NET and native component out of Microsoft Research Redmond. Recent work on F#’s math libraries, together with the latest release of Z3 make for a pretty powerful mixture. In particular I find it…


F#, brought to you by Luke

Luke Hoban is now full time as program manager on F#, and has just posted a short introduction about himself and the language: …As of a few weeks ago, I’ve traded in my C# Compiler PM role for the newly created F# PM job! As you can probably tell from some of my previous blog…


F# at TechEd Developer: Tomas and Luke at Ask the Experts

Yesterday I mentioned that F# is making an appearance at TechEd Developer this week. As part of this you have the chance to meet the one and only Tomáš Petříček who is helping out on the Visual Studio Ask the Experts booth for the week along with Luke Hoban and myself. Tomas is one of the most…


How to write an Autodesk Inventor Add-In using F#

Daniele over on hubFS has been doing interesting things with AutoDesk and F# in the last few days. Take a look at this link: How to write an Autodesk Inventor Add-In using F# Coincidentally, Kean Walmsley has written his first AutoCAD application using F# and has just followed up with A mathematical F# application integrating with AutoCAD…


F# At TechEd Developers in Barcelona

I’ve just arrived in Barcelona, for TechEd Developers. What an event! First, on the product side, there are just so many great things going on: Visual Studio 2008 is on show, the Microsoft Sync Framework has been announced, the ultra-cool Popfly shows how non-traditional development can be on the client side, as well as the host of…


Software Development Engineer in Test: Position on the F# Team

The F# team is hiring! This position is for a QA engineer on the F# team. From the Microsoft website: We are looking for an experienced Software Design Engineer in Test to work on testing the F# language and compiler. Opportunities include working with some of the brightest minds in the community on the latest…