FSCL – Compiling F# to OpenCL for High-Performance over Multi-core and Many-core devices

My friend Antonio Cisternino recently pointed me to FSCL – a compiler from F# to OpenCL. Here is the abstract from the documentation for the compiler: https://t.co/vHQPzsxE0O. The project currently seems to live here: https://github.com/GabrieleCocco/ Nowadays, OpenCL is one of the most popular programming frameworks for high-performance computing over multicore and many-core devices. Thanks to…


FunScript – F# to Javascript leveraging TypeScript metadata

 FunScript is “a lightweight F# library that lets you rapidly develop single-page web and mobile applications”. This now has a nice new home page: http://funscript.info/  It is interesting because: It compiles F# to JavaScript (see also WebSharper) It leverages TypeScript metadata to do typed interop with JavaScript libraries through an F# type provider It supports F#…


F#/C# positions in Brighton

Regular readers of my blog know that from time to time I post messages about jobs related to F# for the benefit of the F# community. After my last post the lovely people at 15below asked me to mention these positions too 🙂  They use F# a lot. http://www.15below.com/career.asp cheers! don      


Senior F# Job in User Interface/Finance in London

Regular readers of my blog know that from time to time I post messages about jobs related to F# for the benefit of the F# community. I got this message today: A very large F# project at a Bank in London and are looking for a Snr C# / F# developer (up to £150k on…


Does the language you use make a difference? – Code metrics for "functional-first" v. "object-first" code

  This post is a very interesting study of the differences between “functional-first” (F#) and “object-first” (C#) design for medium-sized software, by comparing software metrics for a number of C# and F# projects. Here are the conclusions, #3 and #4 are the most important I think. Project complexity. For a given number of instructions, a…


F# London Meetup, Thursday: Machine Learning Hands On with F#

  This Thursday evening at the F# London Meetup we have a Machine Learning Hands On with F#, led by Phil Trelford and others. Venue: The Skills Matter eXchange, 116-120 Goswell Road, EC1V 7DP, London (map)   In this regular meetup we’ll take on one or more programming challenges in F#. All levels of experience…


Using Riak MapReduce with F#

The F# community member John Liao has blogged about using the Riak distributed database system with F#. From Wikipedia: Riak is a NoSQL database implementing the principles from Amazon’s Dynamo paper. Lately, I have been reading the book  Signals and Noise by Nate Silver.  His book references an IBM  webpage that claims the world is…