"Stati-C/AL Supervision – static analysis for Microsoft Dynamics NAV"

Steffen Forkmann has reported abot Stati-C/AL, a code analysis tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Christian Clausen and Bent Rasmussen created a really really cool static analysis tool for Dynamics NAV. For those who worked with the Dynamics NAV Developer’s Toolkit this is your new friend:

Static analysis is dear to my heart as a way of improving programmer productivity, and I'm always impressed when people focus on the integration of languages and business products. And, it happens to be implemented in F#.

“Supervision is a free software program which can transform C/AL object text files into color-coded hyper-linked interactive HTML files. The purpose of Supervision is to give Microsoft Dynamics NAV developers an easy and intuitive way to browse C/AL source code which provides better insight into the semantics of C/AL programs.”

Some of the features are:

  • Produces HTML/JavaScript code from Microsoft Dynamics NAV text export files
  • Usages of user-defined functions, variables, parameters, fields, system-defined variables, and object types link to their declaration
  • Usages of C/AL system functions link to official Microsoft C/AL language documentation
  • Code coloring
  • It’s blazing-fast
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  1. Bent Rasmussen says:

    Thanks for the mention Don; we've just come out with another tool, Prism:


    This is a WPF application (using the same libraries we wrote for Supervision, albeit improved and extended). Everything – even the WPF project is written in F# (well, one caveat is that one project with some user controls is written in C#).

  2. Ryan Riley says:

    You can learn more from the recent C4F# live meeting: http://fpish.net/course/462

  3. Grobmannschwarz says:

    And there is some more information i found:

    <a href=“http://www.grobmanschwarz.de/dynamics-nav “> Dynamics nav/a>

    I learned a lot on this site.



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