Tonight at The SF Bay Area F# Meetup: "Functional Data Structures: Practical F# Applications"

Tonight, 6:30pm, at The SF Bay Area F# Meetup: "Functional Data Structures: Practical F# Applications" with the wonderful Jack Fox.

Beyond the bread-and-butter singly linked list are dozens of practical Functional Data Structures available to mask complexity, enable composition, and open possibilities in pattern matching. This session focuses on data structures available today in F#, but has practical application to most any functional language. The session covers what makes these structures functional, when to use them, why to use them, choosing a structure, time complexity awareness, garbage collection, and practical insights into creating and profiling your own Functional Data Structure. This session is intended for intermediate level functional programmers and above, but should be of interest to functional programming newbies as well.
Bibliography and demo F# code are available here:

The speaker

Jack Fox is a long time software technologist, experienced in all phases of software development life cycle, including leading development and production projects. Jack has a special interest in F#, and an active contributor to fsharpx, one of the largest open-source F# projects. You can find his blog craftyThoughts here, and follow him on Twitter as @foxyjackfox.


And of course the whole F# community (especially those in Baltimore!) send their commiserations about last night..... 🙂

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  1. Nicolas says:

    Sound delightfully useful.. would love to hear about that in London. SF is lucky to have those talented people around !

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