Twelve F# type providers in action


Twelve F# type providers in action, brought to you with love by the Visual F# team and the F# Community

Click on the images to learn more about using and/or contributing to the type providers.

All your types are belong to us 🙂





















Comments (6)
  1. anonymous says:

    The text in the screenshots is unreadably small and blurry to some people.

  2. This is too cool says:

    It's truly inspiring to see what you guys are doing and what can be done with a real world functional language. I use F# exclusively in my day job, and I cannot imagine going back to not having it.


  3. phoog says:

    Shouldn't that be "type", singular, as in "all your type are belong to us!"?

  4. Nikos says:

    That is sheer awesomeNess that you can use R along with that!!

  5. gsscoder says:

    Very very interesting, another DSL-friendly feature for F#.


  6. James Moore says:

    FYI, lots of those image links are dead (CSV, XML, JSON…)


    [ Don says:  thanks! should now be fixed ]

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