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I'm very pleased to see that the latest and greatest Try F# 3.0 has been released today! 

Try F# is a web-based tool for learning and exploring F# 3.0, a simple and pragmatic programming language combining functional, object-oriented and information-rich programming. F# is open source and cross-platform, see the F# Software Foundation for details. Microsoft contribute to F# in multiple ways, including the Visual F# tools.

This site allows easy learning of key F# principles, creating, editing and running F# code within a browser, and sharing code through the Internet. You wil find fantastic introductory content and tutorials, plus content that is tailored to particular areas -- such as data science, numerical and scientific computing, and financial computing.

For me, it is really amazing to be able to walk up to any Mac or PC, load the website and be demonstrating the simplicity and beauty of F# in a matter of minutes.

  • Academics love it
    • A common reaction is that both the availability of data through F# type providers and the "web-delivery of programming" change the way people about computer science education
  • Programmers love it
    • They discover how easy it is to learn F#, and how F# greatly simplifies common programming tasks
  • Domain specialists love it
    • The Financial Programming course is some of the best hands-on applied-fiancial programming material available today - who would think you could stress-test the Mexican banking system from the browser?
  • The F# Community love it!
    • You can embed Try F# snippets in your brower, and Sites such as F# Snippets ( integrate Try F#

Aside from supporting all of the features of F# 3.0, Try F# 3.0 includes an enhanced user interface, support for graphs and charting, and the ability to share snippets of code with other programmers. Try it today and share it with your friends!




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  1. James Curran says:

    typo:  In the bullet point under "Academics love it", the sentence seems to be missing a word.

  2. phoog says:

    Speaking of typos, is there any chance you could get someone to proofread the content on the site itself?  Apart from apparent sloppy typing ("laves" for "leaves"), there are some basic language mistakes ("an error is risen" should be "an error is raised").

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