F# and .NET in Social Gaming, June 28, SkillsMatter, London

The next F#unctional Londoners' meetup has been announced!  It's a great topic, talking about how to apply F# and .NET programming to one of the booming areas of game development. 

Sign up here: http://www.meetup.com/FSharpLondon/events/68564812/?a=ea1_grp&rv=ea1&_af_eid=68564812&_af=event


Yan Cui on F# and .NET in Social Gaming

Yan is a C#/F# developer working for GameSys, his focus is on building highly distributed and scalable server-side solutions for their social games on  Facebook.

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  1. Bryan Edds says:

    Hi Don!

    I wrote a post about how XNA and F# could be made practical for game development by enabling incremental GC for .NET (perhaps using the train algorithm). I figured I'd post a link to it here – forums.create.msdn.com/…/103653.aspx

    As you can see from the discussion, there are some technical difficulties to this, some general opposition (both warranted and not), and some demand for it already. We need incremental GC on .NET to utilize modern and FP techniques in soft-real time software such as games. Otherwise we're stuck using static, imperative programming techniques.

    I've considered moving my F# code over to OCaml as it does have such a GC, considered trying to find someone to implement an incremental GC on mono (or to start myself), but I'm still holding out hope the .NET GC can be augmented to provide said algorithm. I love F# and .NET more than any other technologies I use – I hope someone, somewhere in a position of influence in Microsoft can get some traction for this.


    – Bryan (bryanedds@yahoo.com)

  2. sarabjeet says:

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